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Veganism Sweeps Europe: International Conference!

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Veganism Sweeps Europe: International Conference!


#JaneUnChainedEUROPE in Luxembourg at the International Animal Rights Conference! Check out the incredibly diverse crowd of vegan activists who have amassed from all over Europe to organize for a vegan world for the animals, to fight climate change and for human health! From Spain to Russia, from Austria to Germany, from France to Belgium, there are here! Amazing speakers, like bestselling author and social psychologist Melanie Joy, outlined their mission to bring compassion to culture!
If you’d like to watch the full array of speakers at this conference, simply click here:  https://ar-conference.org/

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#JaneUnchainedEUROPE #LIVE in Amsterdam, Netherlands at a huge climate change event, organized by The Save Movement and Climate Save Movement! Listen to this amazing activist make the connection between animal agriculture and the destruction of the Amazon along with the rest of the world’s forests. For health, climate and animals, the smart and compassionate choice is a plant-based diet! Their motto: Go Vegan to Reforest the Earth!
Desi Verhoeven reporting for #JaneUnchained News Network

european vegans
Jane Velez-Mitchell poses with new #JaneUnChainedEUROPE contributors from several countries! Congrats and welcome to the team!
Fabienne Origer
Fabienne Origer is one of the lead organizers of the International Animal Rights Conference, held yearly in Luxembourg!
More than 500 animal rights/vegan activists converged on Luxembourg for four days of speeches and celebrations!
Volunteers from across Europe gathered to cook for the hundreds present! The food was 100% plant-based and 100% delicious!
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