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Vegan Deviled Eggs That Will Amaze You!

Vegan Deviled Eggs That Will Amaze You!

On this episode of  #SaturdaySnackdown PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)’s Sexiest Vegan over 50 shares a quick and easy recipe for vegan deviled eggs. This recipe is quick and easy and includes a secret ingredient that makes these vegan appetizers taste like the real thing but with no cholesterol or saturated fat! It’s never been easier to be vegan! Enjoy! #janeunchained #veganrecipes



Erin made 2 dozen of these vegan deviled “eggs” for a party I hosted yesterday and half of my guests were shocked, thinking they were real eggs! The Kala Namack seasoning is the secret ingredient to this recipe that makes these baby red potatoes taste like the real thing. Since learning of this ingredient, I’ve been making all sorts of vegan eggs recipes: fried egg sandwiches, omelets, and scrambled eggs. Best part? You get the deliciousness of a real egg taste, but NO cholesterol, saturated fat or cruelty that comes from the dairy industry! Try these at your next party. They are sure to be a big hit, I promise you! ENJOY! #saturdaysnackdown #plantbasedfood #veganrecipes #nodairy #nocruelty #noeggs #vegandeviledeggs #vegangoodness #nocholesterol #crueltyfreefood #janeunchained #veganisthefuture #veganforhealth #veganfortheplanet #veganfortheanimals


Here are the simple ingredients for these super easy “deviled eggs.”


The Recipe

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Meati is so meaty, it's hard to tell it's vegan.

Delectable Vegan Deviled Eggs
– about 12 Baby Red or Red Fingerling potatoes halved, steamed and centers scooped out
– 1/2 cup vegan mayonnaise
– 1 tablespoon yellow mustard
– 1 teaspoon *Kala Namack (*black salt – can be found in Indian food stores.)
– 1 teaspoon Nutritional Yeast
– splash of Almond Milk if consistency is too thick
– Paprika to sprinkle on top
– parsley to garnish
1. Wash potatoes (thoroughly scrub) and then steam in 1-inch water for about 25 minutes. Drain and then let cool.
2. Cut in half and then scoop out the inside of potatoes with a melon baller. Make sure you leave a small ridge around the inside of potatoes. Place in a bowl to mash.
3. Add the vegan mayonnaise, mustard, Kala Namack, nutritional yeast and Almond Milk (if needed) and mix together. You may want to add a little more vegan mayonnaise to get the consistency creamier. Mash all ingredients with a fork.
4. Scoop the mixture into the inside of the potatoes (you can also use a piping bag and pipe the mixture into the hollowed-out potatoes.)
5. Top with a sprinkle of paprika on each potato and garnish with fresh parsley. Place inside a deviled food egg platter and you have a beautiful presentation!
fresh potatoes in the making.


Mashed potatoes that will become the “egg.”


The stunning finished vegan “deviled eggs.”


Erin Riley-Carrasco , posing with her vegan “deviled eggs.”
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