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8,000 Vegans Converge in Taiwan!

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8,000 Vegans Converge in Taiwan!

#JaneUnChained #LIVE at a mind-blowing event in Taiwan with 8,000 exquisitely dressed vegans!!! Actor Cory Feldman is among the many celebs who flew in from around the world for this very special red carpet celebration organized by Supreme Master Ching Hai. Supreme Master promotes veganism, compassion and environmental protection to millions around the globe! Supreme Master is the creator of the Loving Hut 愛家Loving Hut USA restaurant chain, more than 200 delicious vegan restaurants around the world! Make sure to check out Supreme Master TV! 
These are just some of the thousands of followers of Supreme Master who have joyfully converted to a plant-based, nonviolent way of life!
The joy on the faces of the celebrities who arrived from around the world to perform for the show is undeniable. The event will be broadcast on Supreme Master Television.
8,000 fans of Supreme Master’s teachings showed up in their finery and greeted the celebs as they walked the red carpet. All the people seen here are vegan and proud of it!
The men also dressed to the nines in traditional garb, cheering and applauding during the event, which featured globally recognized singers, composers and writers.
Jane Velez-Mitchell, who spoke at the event about the power of using social media to effect cultural change, was blown away by the enormity of the crowd!
These people radiated a sense of joy that felt like an energy! Those in attendance said they could actually feel the vibration. It was that powerful.
Among the performers, renowned Italian soprano Filippa Giordano, to the right. She sang and spoke of her journey to veganism.
Supreme Master Ching Hai, seen here, arrived to a roar of adulation. Along with founding the Loving Hut restaurant chain, she also created Supreme Master Television and has created widely performed musicals and written bestselling books. She also designs clothing and jewelry. Her motto is kindness to all living beings.
JaneUnChained’s Jane Velez-Mitchell is here with some of the other performers including actor Corey Feldman and his wife Courtney.
This photo captures the mood: joy. There is something very powerful about being in a grand hall with 8,000 vegans!
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