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Dr. Neal Barnard Refutes New USDA Guidelines!

Dr. Neal Barnard Refutes New USDA Guidelines!

It’s on! The president of the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine Dr. Neal Barnard and Elysabeth Alfano refute once and for all the recent ‘meat’ news on Awesome Vegans with Elysabeth Alfano Podcast & Video Series on JaneUnChained. Plus Dr. Barnard talks about USDA Dietary Guidelines 2020-2025, breast cancer awareness and hey-wire hormones! So much to learn, so little time. As usual, Dr. Barnard delivers the facts with grace.
Get out of the cheese trap today! Dairy products are not for humans!
You heard it here! Dr. Barnard outlines exactly why these new guidelines are incorrect and recklessly written. He pinpoints exact health issues that are connected with the consumption of animal products. Specifically, many adult human bodies are not designed to process breast milk past when they are weaned, so people wonder why they are lactose intolerant when they consume dairy. Dr. Barnard also points out that breast cancer patients who consume dairy products regularly are more likely to die of that cancer. People are preoccupied with soy, thinking it causes is cancer and makes men grow boobs but it’s been proven that people who consume soy regularly are less likely to develop cancer at all. Soy is also not a cause of men’s enlarged chests because it contains phytoestrogen which is different from the estrogen found in animals. If anything causes men to grow boobs, it is found in animal products.
Thank you for setting the record straight about these new guidelines Dr. Barnard!
Even more frightening, is according to Dr. Barnard, the guidelines seem to be targeted towards minority populations who have an increased risk of developing cancers, diabetes, and heart disease. These communities will hopefully take a stand against this misguiding information, to protect themselves and so many others. We thank Dr. Barnard for sharing this valuable information with us so we can help set the record straight! Please share with your friends, family, and anyone who will listen. Be your own advocate like Elysabeth encourages. You could possibly save their lives!
Dr. Barnard’s vegan starter guide may be a great place to start embracing a healthy diet!
USDA and animal agriculture representatives are invited to respond at any time.

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  • I paid good money for your books. Sure, I lost weight, who wouldn’t, but I wasn’t fat to begin with. I cut out meat, dairy, seafood-all animal products. I followed your meal lists copying things where I could. Seasonality of vegetables is something you need to address in detail. Not all things are available everywhere 24/7/365. I would only eat local produce. Reducing carbon footprint is essential. Having food flown in is not helpful. In winter, nothing grows here. There are some edible barks and if I foraged in the snow, in 8 hours I might have found some edible plants/leaves for a snack. Preserving is an option for some foods but it depends when you start. You said start “now” so I did, Anyway after 2 months and becoming a weakened man, I went back to a normal diet. I regained strength and vigour and clarity of thought back in about 6 weeks. Subsequent blood tests had everything in normal ranges. I could do tree felling, track clearing, living with no problem. On you diet suggestions I was tired, weak, unable to function. In snow country your material is just wrong. Supermarkets ain’t ever where.

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