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Elysabeth Alfano Delivers Her State of the Plant-based Union!

Elysabeth Alfano Delivers Her State of the Plant-based Union!

Elysabeth skillfully covers all of the bases with her topics in this speech!
LIVE on Jane UnChained from National Vegetarian Museum Museum, correspondent Elysabeth Alfano (host of Awesome Vegans with Elysabeth Alfano Podcast & Video Series gives her talk: The State of the Plantbased Union! How is our health, food, innovation, technology, farming, governmental policy, legal system and culture pushing us towards a plant-based world? Listen in to find out. But the question remains: Is it inevitable or will it be backsliding?
“Make America Innovate Again!” Radical change is what we need to keep our planet sustain our lives!
Plant-based is where it’s at! Elysabeth explains whether people are eating a plant-based diet for health, the animals, or the environment, they are getting it! The shift is happening with more and more of the population eating more plant-based foods. Naturally, ith this shift the market for plant-based foods is increasing exponentially! Larger food companies that are predominantly sellers of animal products are buying smaller vegan companies because they see the increasing demand for their products.
Several organizations are battling for change on a legislative level!
Technology is also at the forefront of the movement toward revolutionizing the animal agriculture industry. Elysabeth explains that lab-grown meat offers a whole new way to produce meat causing less harm to animals and lessening the impact of raising livestock on the environment. She explains that scientists are able to take a few cells to grow meat from any part of an animal’s body without killing the animal. This arguably uses fewer resources and less land. There are also no hormones, antibiotics, or pesticides used in cellular meat. At this point, land can be used for other purposes like growing mushrooms which will be more profitable in the future as diets shift towards eating plant-based matter. The future is definitely coming and if we learn anything from this State of the Plant-based Union, it is that the way we eat and live is quickly becoming aimed towards more sustainable products and practices! Get with it or get left behind!
Are the dietary guidelines of the USDA racist?? See Elysabeth’s explanation!


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Elysabeth is just the well-educated and informed voice we need!

Elysabeth Alfano reporting LIVE for Jane Unchained News Network at JaneUnChained.com

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