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Victoria Moran Joins UnchainedTV with a New Show!

Victoria Moran Joins UnchainedTV with a New Show!

Victoria Moran in yoga pose.

Victoria Moran, best-selling author, is one of the world’s leading self-help voices, with a focus on how to lead a healthy, vibrant, happy and ethical life. UnchainedTV is thrilled that she has chosen to launch her new interview show on the free, nonprofit streaming network.

Just some of Victoria Moran's many books.
Just some of Victoria Moran’s many books.

Hollywood, California, November 6th, 2023 – Best-selling author and famed self-help guru Victoria Moran has long held court at the intersection of food and fitness. Moran has now launched a new show on UnchainedTV. Consider it an intimate dialogue where she will talk, face to face, with some of the biggest names in the whole food, plant-based movement from a studio in Manhattan. It’s called The Main Street Vegan Salon. Among the first guests are Dr. Milton Mills and Dr. Michael Klaper, two legends in the field of plant-based medicine.

Born in Kansas City, Missouri and educated in London, Victoria Moran was a freelance magazine writer before she turned her college thesis into her first book, Compassion, the Ultimate Ethic.  She went on to made a splash with her 1991 book, The Love-Powered Diet, where she revealed that she had once struggled with compulsive eating until she found a solution in a 12-step recovery program. Moran became known for her unique take on food, focusing on the spiritual aspects of eating and connecting it to veganism. Get the Fat Out was another popular work. In 1999, Moran landed on the Oprah show where she discussed another one of her books, Shelter for the Spirit: Create Your Own Haven in a Hectic World.

Creating a Charmed Life

Creating a Charmed Life was the next book to follow and it became a huge best-seller. Makes sense since Moran has lived quite a charmed life herself. Writing has been Moran’s dream since childhood and she got her foot in the door before she even graduated high school. As she tells it, “I had a $1 press card from Teen Life magazine. I took it seriously and got into my first Beatles press conference at 14. When I was 17, Paul McCartney bought me a drink. I thought, ‘You have to keep up with this writing thing. It makes miracles happen.'”

While writing 11 books is more than enough, Moran does a lot more than write, having founded The Main Street Vegan Academy, where she has trained and produced hundreds of wildly successful vegan entrepreneurs from marketing experts to fashion magazine editors. Her method allows her students to use their unique skills to spread the word about the benefits of a compassionate, plant-based diet.

The MEND Program

Moran is also a professional speaker and gave a rousing talk at the 2023 Best Plant-Based Conference Ever, in Dallas, Texas. There, she used her trademark humor and skill at acronyms to unveil her MEND program, which combines Meditation, Exercise, Nutrition and Detoxification. This, says Moran, is the perfect antidote to a debilitating condition known as “Activity Resistance Disorder,” a term she coined to describe one’s inability to get off the couch and exercise. Here’s a look at that presentation.

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And, Yes, She’s Got ANOTHER Book Coming Out Soon!

Age Like a Yogi is set to hit in 2024. Moran describes it this way, “It’s made up of 40 compact chapters delving into ayurvedic health and healing for the body, and yoga philosophy and practice for the soul. Ayurveda, the “science of life,” is the medical and lifestyle tradition that grew up alongside yoga in ancient India. It is still recognized by the World Health Organization as a viable healthcare system.”

Of course, Moran began dabbling in Yoga decades before it became the craze that it is today. She says, “I’ve been around yoga since I found three books on the subject in the Kansas City Public Library when I was seventeen. Even then I had a sense that these ancient teachings were effortlessly adaptable, both to the world in any era and to us at any age. Remarkably, embracing yoga can help us both delay physiological aging and deal with the forward march of time.”

While the Fountain of Youth is an exquisite fantasy, Moran’s body of work and her trim and fit physique reveal there are ways to age so gracefully that people will think you have found that elusive and magical potion that’s keeping you forever young.

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