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Eat The Rainbow with this Burger!

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Eat The Rainbow with this Burger!

With these ingredients you can have your own homemade veggie burger factory too!

LunchBreakLIVE with Chef Benjamin Chankin, Owner of the incredible Rainbowlz Catering, offering whole, plant-based, organic food to communities internationally. Growing up in the business of food, connecting to spirituality, Benjamin’s heart is in every meal he makes. Watch him put the veggie back in veggie burger! Watch this veggie burger get made from scratch!

Your guests can eat a rainbow of plants when you order Rainbowlz catering!
Chef Benjamin Chankin started his journey to veganism when he was about 17 years old as he explored his spirituality. He never really liked meat and at that point in his life, he decided that eating meat was not something he wanted to partake in. When he was 19 he worked at a vegetarian restaurant named Our Time and when it closed not too soon after he started working at Follow Your Heart. He worked there for 15 years! Over the next few years, Chef Benjamin worked for Pacific Coast Foods in Malibu and started his own lunch counter in Pasadena. He also worked at Motion Picture Television Fund for 17 years and it was difficult serving meat, but he was able to help many people including senior citizens learn how to eat a better plant-based diet to improve their lives. Now, Chef Benjamin is serving up beautiful rainbows of vegan food to tons of happy event guests with his catering company Rainbowlz!
Have you ever seen a more beautiful veggie burger?! Chef Benjamin is truly a culinary artist!
Today Chef Chankin shows us how we can make our own veggie burgers at home! He makes the burgers with ease using lots of sautéed veggies, seasonings, and a food processor. Once everything is mixed up and chopped, make sure to chill the mixture. After it’s chilled, you can make the burgers with your hands like he does or you can use a scooper! These burgers are a great whole food organic alternative to processed veggie burgers. Chef Benjamin also explains that you can take all your leftover produce at the end of the week, sauté it, and grind it up to make veggie burgers or a delicious veggie loaf. Jane says everyone must try this at home after she takes a bite. Kenwa tries her no bun version and her expression demonstrates how delicious it is! Try making your own veggie burgers at home with Chef Benjamin’s recipe below! Your friends and family will be super impressed!
Yes, Chef Benjamin, we’ll take both! Thanks!
Call today or visit their website!

Check out The Rainbowlz website for an amazing catering experience at all of your events!

Jane hops in a pic too. They are all smiles after trying these yummy veggie burgers!
Ezekiel sprouted buns are probably the healthiest buns you can use!
A few minutes in a pan and voila these burgers are ready for those buns (or not)!
Eat your burger with or without the bun!


Rainbowlz Fresh Veggie Burger on Grilled Sprouted Wheat Buns with Tarragon Aioli:
~ Served with Butter Lettuce; Radicchio Salad with Marinated Mushrooms; Avocado
Equipment needed: Food Processor, Lg Skillet, Lg Bowl
PATTIES: (makes 8)
6c any raw veggies – any veggies are ok, but remember to eat the rainbow!
Today we used: broccoli, cauliflower, summer squash, spinach, celery, mushrooms & onions
1c any cooked beans (except black)
Today we used fresh-made garbanzos
1c ANY whole grain rice, cooked
Today we used Trader Joes quick-cooking brown basmati (1/2c raw rice, 1c water, pinch salt)
1/2c fresh basil
3Tbl nutritional yeast
2Tbl coconut aminos (soy sauce or Braggs ok)
!/2c oat flour (ground 1c oats)
1/4c any cooking oil (not EVO)
salt, pepper, garlic to taste
I like using curry powder for taste and anti-inflammatory turmeric, but I didn’t today
* Chop all your veggies – separate hard & soft (don’t worry about doing it evenly)
* Sauté hard veggies until starting to brown
* Add soft veggies & sauté until tender, transfer to lg bowl
* fold rice, beans, and fresh basil into veggies
* process until ground, but not smooth
* return to bowl and fold in oat flour, coconut aminos, and seasoning
* chill for an hour
* form into patties and brown in oil with sauté pan or bake at 375 in an oven for 20min
1/2c Veganaise
1 to 2 Tbl fresh tarragon, chopped
1tsp garlic, finely chopped
* fold all ingredients together
* split buns, brush with oil or vegan butter, grill on medium heat for 30 seconds
Remember to eat this burger without the bun to skip the gluten!
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