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No Evil Foods Caters A Free Vegan Meal for Activists!

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No Evil Foods Caters A Free Vegan Meal for Activists!

The activists really enjoyed the pre-vigil food and swag from No Evil Foods!
Cesar Asebedo reporting LIVE for Jane Unchained News Network with No Evil Foods owners Mike Woliansky and Sadrah Schadel all the way from Asheville, North Carolina along with the No Evil Foods team! They’re giving activists free curry chick’n wraps and swag bags before the Animal Alliance Network weekly Wednesday night vigil.
Thanks so much to the No Evil Foods Crew for generously taking care of our compassionate activists!
Sadrah and Mike literally started No Evil Foods from scratch! They grew their own food and even tapped maple syrup. They say that this “DIY-fueled confidence” lead to the delicious brand they have today! In 2014 they tested their plant-based meat product at an Asheville Market and to their surprise, they sold out in one day! Now you can find their “environmentally sustainable, socially conscious, plant-based eats” across the US in supermarkets and restaurants!
Cesar hops into a pic with the owners of No Evil Foods Mike and Sadrah alongside Asia and Matt, the owners of Besties Vegan Paradise grocery store that carries their brand!
“When life gives you lemons”… make wraps! That’s exactly what No Evil Foods did when the Expo West they came to town for was postponed and they ended up with a bunch of food they had prepped and no desire to ship it back or throw it away. Instead, they generously provided a pre-vigil meal for the amazing activists who chose to spend their evening at a slaughterhouse giving water and love to baby pigs on their way to slaughter. Sadrah and Mike showed they really care about vegan activism when they also attended the vigil with the activists. See the vigil coverage in the next video!
No Evil Foods is part of the plant-based movement to free all animals from torture and untimely deaths!
Sadrah and Mike joined compassionate activists to give love and water to thirsty pigs
Cesar Asebedo reporting LIVE for JaneUnchained News Network at a vigil with Animal Save Movement group Animal Alliance Network at a slaughterhouse near Downtown Los Angeles. Activists struggle to get water to the 100’s of pigs as they arrive on trucks. These pigs are only 4-6 months old and wouldn’t have to die if people would stop eating them! Take a good look because these babies are where bacon, ham, hotdogs, pork, and sausages really come from. Please share this LIVE and show everyone you know the truth that animal agriculture does not to see!
Two pigs nestle together as they are greeted by activists.
The slaughterhouse representatives are invited on to respond at any time.
A pig readily receives water on the truck destined for the slaughterhouse.


Attend a weekly vigil with Los Angeles Animal Save on Sundays and with Animal Alliance Network on Wednesdays.

Connect with your local Animal Save Movement chapter to attend a vigil and get involved.


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Cesar Asebedo Reports for Jane Unchained Vegan News.

Photos courtesy of Cesar Asebedo and Josh Goldstein.

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