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Want To Be An Effective Activist For Animals? John Oberg Is On Awesome Vegans To Tell You How

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Want To Be An Effective Activist For Animals? John Oberg Is On Awesome Vegans To Tell You How

Vegan activist John Oberg

How Can YOU Make a Difference for Animals? Activist John Oberg is on Awesome Vegans with Elysabeth Alfano. Get John’s top tips for being an effective activist…making a difference is so much easier than you think!

John Oberg is an animal activist and social media expert who describes himself as “an animal advocate that focuses on maximizing [his] impact and maximizing [his] reach.” He finds that the best way he can do that is through social media outreach. He focuses on content that pulls at the heartstrings and makes people feel emotional rather than being grossed out.

John Oberg

“Our purchasing power is our activism. Everything we do is activism. We are always choosing whether to support something or not support something.” John mentions how there are so many things we cannot control, but one of the things we do have control of is what we are choosing to purchase and buy into. There is incredible power behind ourselves and our dollars! As advocates we need to put ourselves in our audience’s shoes.”

Activism can be fun and effective! John has been a vegan activist for 10 years and says that “over my ten years I’ve seen many more people speaking up for animals and being comfortable speaking up for animals.”

Interested in become an animal activist yourself? John shares his top eight tips for how to be an effective animal activist below! Check out the full interview above.

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Check out the full interview above!

Elysabeth Alfano is a plant-based media expert breaking down the plant-based health, food, culture, business and environmental news for the general public on radio and TV.  Her two interview series, Awesome Vegans Influencers and The Plantbased Business Hour, air weekly on JaneUnChained News Network.

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