Vegan Lunch Recipes

vegan sushi
Vegan Sushi: Yes Vegans Can Eat Sushi!

It’s Vegan Sushi Time! Yes, vegans can eat sushi! Vegan sushi is incredibly tasty, and beautiful, all made with plants.  Learn to use simple, economical ingredients like tomatoes and mushrooms to make gorgeous and delicious spicy tomato “tuna” rolls and portobello unagi with Chef Linda from Catskill Animal Sanctuary on this episode of #LunchBreakLIVE.

Burmese Tofu, Soy-Free & Super Versatile!

Make Your Own “Tofu” At Home, Totally Soy-Free! Have you ever heard of Burmese Tofu?   Today we have Chef Heather Kuklin, aka Madame Shugah, the rad chick creator of the vegan, gluten-free, soy-free sweet treat boutique called Madame Shugah.

Veggie Soup Recipe That Boosts Immunity

Looking For An Immunity-Boosting Veggie Soup Recipe? It’s time to try an immune-boosting veggie soup recipe with today’s featured chef Elizabeth Mansur, a plant-based lifestyle coach who’s passionate about supporting others to have healthy, whole-food plant-based lives, that pay off no matter what age you start!

A Sofrito Recipe Made By Detox Dandy!

This Puerto Rican Sofrito Recipe Is Perfection! Savor this Puerto Rican Sofrito Recipe made by Rebekah, aka Detox Dandy.  This dish is oil-free, whole-food plant-based, and raw. You can eat it straight, with rice and beans, or use it to season any dish of your choice.

Vegan chicken alfredo
Chicken Alfredo Vegan Style!

Craving Chicken Alfredo?  We Have The Best Vegan Recipe For You! Let’s see how the amazing chef Sunni, creator of the wildly successful SunniSpeaks platform, brings this vegan chicken alfredo dish to life.  Sunni’s motto is “Anything you can think of, I can make vegan!

All You Need Is The Right Tofu Sauce!

It’s the Magic In The Sauce That Makes This Meal Special! It’s all in the tofu sauce.  If you are going to make one meal for the rest of your life,  this is it! It’s magical and delicious.

Elysabeth Alfano with minestrone
Three Bean Minestrone by the Silver Chic Chef, Elysabeth Alfano

Three-Bean Minestrone! Coronavirus got you worried? It’s time to have a great Italian Soup Recipe under your belt! Silve Chic Chef and Radio Host, Elysabeth Alfano has JUST the thing! Hearty and filling, everyone should have a good Minestrone recipe to lean on.

Pass the Peas Please!

Peace on your plate LunchBreakLIVE with the lovely Molly Marie Basler, conscious living Yoga/Meditation/Vegan Chef and Climate Reality Leader with The Climate Reality Project and the Green Dream Campaign! Molly is making her delicious plant-based “Pass The Peas Please” dish, made with peas and vegan crab cake salad, along with roasted red potatoes.

Rising Vegan Star Makes Us Haunted Pizza!

Ghostly Pizza? Be sure to catch LunchBreakLIVE today with Actress Activist Katie Sarife, best known for her recent role as Daniela in the 2019 frightful feature film, “Annabelle Comes Home”. Katie also appears in numerous other films and TV shows, including Disney Channel’s, “Girl Meets World“, and the CW’s “Supernatural,” the longest-running sci-fi/genre series in the history of American broadcast television!

Lunch is Poppin’ at the Sanctuary!

JaneUnchained News LunchBreakLIVE is LIVE with Tracy Childs, Vegan Chef with Veg-Appeal and director at PlantDiego. She’s visiting the San Diego area Farm Animal Refuge Open House. She’s sampling all of the amazing vegan fares, like Reuben & Chickpea Tuna Melt sandwiches and divine desserts, talking to Jordan and Matt (FAR’s owners) and visitors and snuggling with as many farm animals as possible!