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DXE: HUGE Animal Liberation March and Die In!

DXE: HUGE Animal Liberation March and Die In!

Video Courtesy of Direct Action Everywhere!


DXE LIVE: “1,000 + activists are taking to the streets with the 501c3 nonprofit organization Direct Action Everywhere (DXE).  Smoke flares, animal masks, and a massive die in, all demanding animal liberation in one generation” They chant “Human Freedom, Animal Rights!” This is all in hope that power in numbers will help enlighten the masses to the suffering of animals at the hands of the human species. “What do we want?? Animal Liberation!” Over a thousand activists chant in unison, because we are all animals regardless of species.


The police tried to stop the activists from marching but the sheer number of activists took over the streets, despite the attempts to stifle them by law enforcement. Wayne Hsiung, lead organizer of DXE, captures the march and talks to spectators to get their opinion of the march and its cause. He even tries to help passerbys who think it’s ok to eat meat, but not hurt animals, see the irony in their stance.  Overall most of the spectators he spoke to were not only in support of the march, but truly believed that animal cruelty should come to an end now.


Many vegan super hero activists were in attendance including VeganEvan, James Aspey, Paul Bashir (Anonymous for the Voiceless co-founder),  Brittany Drake (DXE Los Angeles Organizer), Matthew Braun (Outreach Coordinator at PETA) to name a few! And these activists definitely had an audience this day! Hopefully this march helped shed light into the dark places animal cruelty is practiced, the places that most people don’t want to think about.


The huge march culminated in a gigantic die in, where all the activists fell to the ground to symbolize the mass amount of suffering and deaths of animals on this planet due to human practices. The power of the symbolism of all of these people laying on the ground lifelessly, demonstrates the fate of the victims of animal cruelty and death, are dealt.


“Animal Liberation Now!”


Join Direct Action Everywhere today by visiting their website:


Check out the video of James Aspey’s alongside Wayne Hsiing speech:


James Aspey speaks about how people have been born into a deeply “speciesist society,” and how we have made the connection and gone vegan. And now it is time to help others make that connection as well. He pumps up activists to keep fighting and to never give up until EVERY animal is FREE!


After Aspey’s speech, Wayne announces that we never stop fighting for animal rights. He and five other members are facing up to 60 years of imprisonment for saving sick and dying animals. Please visit the DXE website and show your support for animal activist heroes like him and the other activists facing these charges, because they had mercy for animals and did what was morally right!


Activists chant, raising their voices for the animals who cannot do it for themselves!


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The front line of the march for animal liberation organized by DXE.


A sea of activists all present for one reason, to end animal suffering and liberate them!


James Aspey helping a spectator make the connection… Wayne also spoke to this individual. Great teamwork!




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