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From Teaching Ethics to founding a Sanctuary! Helping People Connect in Europe!

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From Teaching Ethics to founding a Sanctuary! Helping People Connect in Europe!


#JaneUnChainedEUROPE LIVE in Egg, Switzerland, just outside Zurich, where the HOF NARR Sanctuary cares for about 150 cows, pigs, horses, goats, chickens, rabbits and dogs! And ducks! The founder, Sarah Heiligtag, is an ethics teacher, who wants to show people who animals really are!

Jane is enamored with these pigs as they smile while being caressed. You can literally see how amazingly sentient these creatures are. It is a night and day from Jane’s experiences attending vigils at slaughterhouses in the Los Angeles area. She has seen the animals arriving on trucks to slaughterhouses first hand, and she has seen how tortured, dehydrated, and scared they are as they arrive at their final stop.  She explains that people eat the products made from these sweet animals, and don’t think about the real cost. A living loving being that wanted nothing more than to live and be away from harm, was denied that right in order to end up on someone’s bun in a deli.

Check out the Hof Narr Sanctuary’s Facebook Page:


Check out this video about how Hof Narr is helping transform farms into Sanctuaries!


The Hof Narr Website:

Jane Velez-Mitchell Reporting LIVE for #JaneUnChainedEUROPE

Please stop by the sanctuary if you are in Switzerland. Show love to animals wherever and whenever you can.


Jane had a ball with the animals this day! Look at that smile. Have fun like a kid again at amazing sanctuaries like this!


These pigs are peacefully sleeping until Jane and Sarah come to give them welcome pets and belly scratches.

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Sarah Heiligtag devotes every waking hour to the animals who’ve escaped the horrors of factory farming and landed here. Please support Hof-Narr! Sarah is an ethics teacher and she created this sanctuary to share her values with everyone she can. Her philosophy is to rescue animals from bad situations, usually in the modern day institutionalized cruelty called factory farming, and to teach people about what happens to them,  while sharing the sanctuary experience with others. They have up to 400 visitors any given week, and anyone who meets one of these sweet pigs, or any animal at this place, is dared not to make the connection. For most people it is a shock to see these animals in a space like this and interact with them. According to Sarah, most people stop eating pork first, and they gradually stop eating all animals as they connect further.


Had to get a close up… Who would want to eat this beautiful creature??

Sarah explains that children visit this amazing sanctuary and you can see them make the connection between what they formerly saw as food, to the sentient being before them. These children burst into tears at the idea of eating these animals, and it makes us wonder how this practice is permitted at all, especially when it is so incredibly unnecessary for human survival in modern times. To top it off, animal agriculture is not only cruel, it is also awful for the environment. The leading cause of greenhouse gasses comes from the waste from animals that were raised to be used and to die ultimately.

People have been brainwashed to eat meat, and most of the time when you try to talk to them about it, they walk away. Many times, it is much more helpful to create a relationship between a person and an animal in order to open them up to the idea that eating another animal is not ok. Social media is so powerful, and we should share videos like these and videos of other sweet animals interacting with humans to show the value of their existence. All animals deserve to love and be loved. Between Mimi, Antonio, Sammy, Gloria, and so many more at this sanctuary, the connection can be made. these animals are so kind, innocent and forgiving of the treatment they have experienced from humans. They should be treated with kindness and respect. No animal deserves the fate of ending up on a person’s plate. Thank you Sarah for being the exemplar of your ethical teachings and saving these animals from awful fates!
Does it get cuter than a mini horse? We don’t think so either!


Reject turkey this Thanksgiving and let beautiful sentient creatures like this live! Try Tofurky instead!
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