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Let Food be Thy Medicine: The Medicinal Benefits of Plant-based Diets!

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Let Food be Thy Medicine: The Medicinal Benefits of Plant-based Diets!

PlantDiego located in San Diego does an amazing job as your go-to support organization for adopting a compassionate plant-based diet. They are launching their pilot program: Healing America: Health Care in partnership with PlantPure Nation (film/organization). This program is creating the tools needed to inform members of our local healthcare community about the urgency of offering at least the option of plant-based nutrition to combat our current healthcare crisis. Nutritional science is on our side and more and more doctors are recommending that their patients adopt a plant-based diet.

Tracy demonstrates that activism is not only about protesting on the street. There are different forms and this is one of them. Advocating for compassionate lifestyles through plant-based diets is activism. When the movie “Forks Over Knives” was released in 2011, it inspired many to make this transition. Many people reached out to Tracy and she helped introduce them to another way of meeting their dietary needs. A plant-based diet prevents and combats many health conditions too. The group has created a brochure for doctors to learn about the benefits of plant-based lifestyles for their patients, and the brochures also contain resources for the doctors to conduct further research of their own.

Do you want to become more active in this space to help speed up the process? Listen LIVE to the Healing America Health Care Launch Meeting held at The Conscious Cook! Nelson Campbell is with us LIVE via “Skype” from North Carolina! Ask questions of Nelson and #JaneUnchained contributor Tracy Childs (of Veg-Appeal), leader of this project in #SanDiego. PlantDiego is part of the PlantPure Pod organization that sprung from activism after the PlantPure Nation film came out in 2015. Be sure to sign up for more info and find out how

You can make this campaign a huge success at: http://healingamericatogether.com/san-…/. Let’s rock San Diego Healthcare with this pilot program which will be transported to other cities throughout the U.S. Pay attention everyone because we can all take part. Also mentioned: Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Philip Wollen.

The Plantrician Project: FOLLOW THE HEALING AMERICA STORY – Sign up for updates and follow the 1-3 minute, yet very moving videos Nelson mentions: (The video on the top of the page is on climate change) http://healingamericatogether.com/our-…/


Learn more by visiting these sites: 



http://veg-appeal.com http://plantdiego.com

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***Check out the food everyone enjoyed after the program.***

Vibrant Asian salad topped with black sesame seed salt!


Cucumbers with a plant-based spread. Refreshing and cruelty-free!


Vegan Ribs… Does it get more savory than this??


Sampler plate anyone? Eating with compassion tastes and feels better!
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  • Wonderful article! Love eating plant-based! I feel great with no health issues, whereas many friends and acquaintances of mine who eat meat/dairy suffer from clogged arteries, diabetes type 2, high blood pressure, and obesity. My father who is 76 eats plant-based and is on no meds and healthy. Most his age are all on cholesterol meds and have health issues. Thank you Jane, for all you do!

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