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Take a Moment of Silence…

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Take a Moment of Silence…

#JaneUnChained presents a very unique #LunchBreakLIVE. In honor of the March of Silence, this show will be SILENT. Watch as guest Renée Marinkovich gets spiritual nourishment in a unique way: with silence. In total silence, Renee is bringing calm to her day and connection to her heart. Delicious vegan food doesn’t hurt. The March of Silence took place Wednesday, September 12th in Downtown Los Angeles. New York City held a March of Silence as well. Animals can moan and cry out but, obviously, they cannot speak. They cannot say “help me.” So, they are completely powerless in the face of humanity’s cruelty. When humans go silent, they begin to get a glimpse of what it must be like to be a voiceless animal at the total mercy of others who often are sadistic or just don’t care. 

Renée showing us how to take a moment of silence for ourselves. Ahhhmazing!


Paige and Renée post for a fun pic. Way to represent in your March of Silence hoodie Paige!

This Lunch BreakLIVE video was done in support of the March of Silence and, therefore, was completely silent. In the video Renée silently encourages everyone to take a midday break and also show compassion to themselves. Take some time to sit at a nice table with a good snack like a vegan scone, fruit and frothed oat milk in coffee. Take off your shoes and breathe. Thank you so much Renée for reminding us to slow down and be kind to ourselves!

Very nice piano to set the chill vibes.

JaneUnChained News Network creates Videos for the Voiceless in solidarity with animals who are silenced.

All the plant-based ingredients you need for a comforting midday snack. Yum!


Thank you @thekarmabaker for making this yummy scone!


Don’t forget the relaxed lighting. Set the mood right for yourself.

Paige Parsons Roache reports in silence for JaneUnChained.com

This #LunchBreakLIVE featured @thekarmabaker scones, @kitehillfoods yogurt, and @oatly

Plus Featuring Books:

The Slow Down Diet,” by Marc David

Self-Compassion,” by Kristin Neff,” PhD.,

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