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An Endless Sea of Vegan Food and Fun Anyone??

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An Endless Sea of Vegan Food and Fun Anyone??

Jane ran into 12 year old superstar vegan activist Genesis Butler!
A very special #LunchBreakLIVE at the extraordinary Vegan Street Fair in North Hollywood! This two days extravaganza of compassionate deliciousness attracts tens of thousands of hungry Angelinos, turning them on to a new way of living that requires no killing and allows for infinite abundance! It’s not just food! It’s clothing, gifts of all kinds and rockin’ music! Our special correspondent Kenziah Rubens gives us the lowdown and takes us from booth to booth!
We love seeing a sea of people getting their vegan on at Vegan Street Fair!
Kenziah starts off his Vegan Street Fair experience with loaded nachos from Chicana Vegana and washes it down with a cool light bulb smoothie in a cool light bulb bottle from Energy Smoothie Bar. While he’s enjoying that, Jane gives us a peek at a few of the vendors here at this huge vegan and plant-based event. There are a plethora of vegan food vendors, product vendors, and more at this gigantic food festival. Whether you are looking for salty, spicy, savory, light, or sweet this fair has it all! The best part is that there are absolutely no animal products in any of the food or products. Veganism is on the rise and The Vegan Street Fair is only one example of its amazing popularity! What can we say? Vegan food just tastes better!
I wonder if that lightbulb smoothie is giving Kenziah new ideas!

Stay Tuned: LunchbreakLIVE Vegan Street Fair Edition continues in the next video!

We couldn’t agree more with this shirt!

This festival is nonstop entertainment, food, and fun. Everyone is enjoying themselves here as they get their fill of all the amazing offerings. Literally, anything you can imagine up that is vegan, is sure to be at this festival. You can definitely “shop til you drop” at this festival with all the amazing fashions like vegan purses, accessories, and shirts from Vegetaryn! You will probably run into all of your friends at this festival. Jane ran into Jim Greenbaum, who is an amazing vegan philanthropist, and he is wearing a JaneUnchained hat!

Yum yum yum! Whatever this is yum!

Everyone is definitely living their best vegan life at this festival!

Plantbased curious? Join #JaneUnChained #LIVE at this epic two day festival! The 5th Annual Vegan Street Fair in North Hollywood, California with thousands of hungry, plant based, vegans and the vegan-friendly, plant based curious come together to eat, listen to music, dance and shop! Over 150 vendors, stilt walkers, kid friendly games plus a 21+ beer garden, there’s something appealing for everyone!

We’d love to “taco” bout saving animals!

Watch as we experience this fest with so many fun locals, and visiting new friends! Jonnae Thompson spins some turned on the main stage while Marlon Rison, known as Plant based G, who came all the way from Houston, Texas to attend this fun-filled weekend, gives us his perspective on The Save Movement’s pig vigils.

Happy Cow is the best mascot for the best application to find vegan food around the world!

HappyCow Vegan Guide’s purple cow was roaming around entertaining kids of all ages. We’re waving the international Vegan Flag today to share the global message of health and community. Everyone here is practicing compassion just by coming to this festival. Even though the fair has ended for this weekend, it’s not over! Vegan Street Fair Sundays will be back starting April 7th. Be sure to check out the weekly festival for more vegan food and fun!

Pics are always better with vegan friends!


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Find an animal vigil near you by searching the global organization The Save Movement/ The Save Movement USA‘s website, whereby you’ll bear witness to animals before they die.

Vendors featured are: Vegan Shirts, Happy Ice La, Besties Vegan Paradise, Evolution Burger, The Pizza Plant and many more.

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Paige Parsons Roache reports live for JaneUnChained.com

Written by Paige Parsons Roache.

More photos from Vegan Street Fair 2019:


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