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Vegan CEO Activist Shares His Methods!

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Vegan CEO Activist Shares His Methods!

JaneUnChained LIVETALK with Donny Makower, a former advertising executive for 20 years turned vegan activist! Donny is taking his communication skills on the road to wake mainstream and corporate America up to the horrors of animal agriculture and the joys of a plant-based lifestyle! He is the CEO and founder of RDCL Superfoods, “a direct-to-consumer provider of personalized superfoods that are 100% plant-based. ” He’s also deeply involved with the amazing animal sanctuary, The Gentle Barn, where he is the Chairman of the Board! Now he uses his experience to deliver motivational speeches and appeal to people at all levels to make compassionate changes in their lives. 

Donny is able to appeal to the corporate world because he has extensive experience as a high-level executive.

Donny “never thought of the ethical implications of his actions” in the past. He was eating an almost exclusively vegan diet for health reasons but he was not connected to the bigger picture. One day while he was on YouTube Gary Yourofsky’s “The Most Important Speech You’ll Ever Hear” came up on the list of videos suggested for viewing. He watched it and his perception of veganism was forever changed. He decided he would never exploit animals again! Donny explains that people understand they are eating animals, but what they don’t understand is that those animals are sentient and intelligent creatures. Human beings often times fail to relate to their suffering. They see other animals as disposable. Donny explains that a friendly non-argumentative conversation with someone about veganism can really go a long way to help them make the connection between those packaged body parts at the grocery store and the animal that was killed to make them.

Donny shares a hug with a cow demonstrating they have feelings just like we do!

Jane says often times people look at her like she’s making a sales pitch when she talks about veganism. They ask her what she’s getting out of this. Jane bluntly says the only commission she is making is having a planet to live on! Donny is able to appeal to the highest level of corporate executives, which is helpful when trying to reach out to big companies. Not all activists have the experience and know how to talk to people in the business world and relate to them in an effective way. Donny can do just that. Donny says he appeals to business executives by demonstrating how huge companies are offering vegan options due to demand. The bottom line is they can make more money by offering products that the market is shifting towards. Donny also gives motivational speeches regularly advocating for veganism to save the animals.  Attend Donny’s talk, “The Blindspot of Compassion,” in Santa Monica on Thursday, June 27th, 7-8:30pm at Cross Campus, 929 Colorado Ave, Santa Monica 90401. Tickets are FREE but you must have one!

Donny is pictured here giving a motivational speech at NARD.


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Jane Velez-Mitchell reporting for JaneUnChained News Network.
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