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Cruelty-Free Investing Goes Mainstream!

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Cruelty-Free Investing Goes Mainstream!



It’s time to put your money where your mouth is! JaneUnChained LIVETALK plant-based, Cruelty-Free Investing goes mainstream! Dave Brett Wasser of CrueltyFreeInvesting.org, a 501c3 non-profit, talks about his plan to help people to avoid investing in companies that directly exploit animals and the environment and put their funds into cruelty-free stocks! He also tells us about a new ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) debuting on the New York Stock Exchange September 12th called the Vegan Climate Fund! “VEGN” is the ticker symbol! Here’s a quote from their website: “Cruelty-Free Investing is a resource for individual investors, institutional investors, and financial advisors. We do not provide advice on which stocks to pick. We provide information that investors and financial advisors can use to make better choices.” This non-profit’s staff researched every corporation on the three major stock exchanges (NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX) and put every company into one of two categories – companies that exploit animals, and companies that do not. On each list, you can click on the name of a company, and see how that company uses (or does not use) animals.

Veganism is exponentially increasing in popularity.

Dave has created and financed this nonprofit himself so that people will have a free guide to investing their money in the stock market more ethically. He explains that cruelty-free investing is for everyone, vegan or not. Many pre-vegans see the value in sustainable investing. You don’t need a vegan broker thanks to Cruelty-Free Investing and the Beyond Investing “VEGN” ticker. You can simply ask your broker to use them as their guide or you can get on an online trading account and be your own broker as Jane explains in the video.  This nonprofit has even taken it a step further by listing the 10 companies to avoid because they exploit animals and the environment the most. Even if a person is not investing in all cruelty-free companies, they can at least avoid the biggest offenders.

Vegan investing is toe to toe with the general market investments, and these companies are on the rise!

You can still consume ethically without investing in the stock market. Jane explains how she supports the “vegonomy” by buying services from vegans and vegan companies. For example, Jane has a vegan hairdresser and a vegan handyman. You can also decide to spend your money at vegan restaurants and shops. Jane further explains people value what makes money. This is why so many companies are offering new plant-based products. You can buy them so we can show demand for these products and ensure their availability in the future.  At the end of the day you decide how you spend your money, so why not spend it and invest it ethically. Check out Cruelty-Free Investing today, and keep your eye out for the “VEGN” ticker debuting on September 12th


Please note: JaneUnChained is not recommending any particular stocks nor is responsible for any of your financial decisions!

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Start investing in cruelty-free companies today!

Check Out the Beyond Investing website!


Jane Velez-Mitchell reporting for JaneUnChained News Network.
Just a few of the cruelty-free companies you can find on the list at crueltyfreeinvesting.org!
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