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Compassion for Change is Happening!

Compassion for Change is Happening!

Thanks to the efforts of activists like these times are changing.

 JaneUnchained News Network LIVE at a vigil with TheSaveMovement group Animal Alliance Network at a slaughterhouse near Downtown, Los Angeles. Imagine if you were on this truck unknowingly being transported to your final stop. Wouldn’t you want mercy and for someone to share the truth? We have the power to make this stop. Be a hero for these creatures and share this post with everyone you know! Please don’t eat these baby pigs. They deserve to live their lives, not end up in pieces on a plate at about 4-6 months of a short and most likely torturous one.

It’s hard to see them suffer, to look into their eyes, and know the fate that they will meet very soon.

Our efforts are working. VegNews broke the story that the huge company that owns this slaughterhouse has announced they are in the process of developing plant-based meat! Consumer demand is prevailing. Plant-based meat is hotter than ever right now with several fast-food chains have started offering plant-based meat substitutes. The change is coming thanks to these dedicated activists who keep showing people the truth week after week as they extend compassion to these unfortunate creatures. Please share we can save baby pigs from this horrible fate in the future!

We need your efforts to spread the truth so that one day these babies will be saved from their untimely deaths.

The slaughterhouse is invited on to respond at any time.

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Jack DiMillo reporting #LIVE for #JaneUnchained

Photos by Vegan Marine and Jack DiMillo.

The message is clearly hung in an amazing sign hand painted by Lee @369lovegan.
VegNews broke the exciting story that the owners of this slaughterhouse are going to be manufacturing plant-based meat!
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