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Vegan Sushi Like You Have Never Seen Before!

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Vegan Sushi Like You Have Never Seen Before!

#LunchBreakLIVE at NoW Sushi in San Diego, CA. with owners Lindsi Nicole and Monica Berk. Erin Riley-CarrascoPETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)’s Sexiest Vegan Over 50 and Vegan Danielle are taste testing the delicious vegan sushi that you must see! No need to eat our friends the fish, when this sushi is SO delectable! When in Mission Beach, you must stop by this incredible vegan restaurant.



NoW sushi is the only all-vegan sushi restaurant in San Diego and the food is absolutely fantastic!! Their menu has entrees named after beloved pets such as “Rocky,” Roxie” and their best selling item the “Barbosa” sushi platter. Owners Lindsi DeMik and Monica Berki are not only amazing vegan business owners, but they are passionate animal lovers and animal activists. In fact contributor, Erin Riley-Carrasco met them while they were all protesting the Del Mar Racetrack! They also just purchased the land and will be opening their own animal sanctuary in Texas called “NoWorries Animal Sanctuary.” This dynamic duo is quite inspirational and their vegan sushi is sublime, so the next time you’re in San Deigo, CA. stop by NoW sushi!

The NoWorriesMovement was started by Lindsi DeMik and Monica Berki, which is where their two vegan restaurants were born from. Proceeds from their restaurants will benefit the NoWorriesMovement and help them continue the fight to end animal cruelty.  (Addresses of both restaurant locations provided at the end of this post)



Check out this delicious looking vegan sushi!


So beautiful!


Such a beautiful food presentation. photo courtesy NoW Sushi IG


This dish looks amazing! Photo courtesy NoW Sushi IG


Now I’m hungry from looking at all this amazing vegan sushi! Photo courtesy of NoW Sushi IG.


Lindsi DeMik and Monica Berki, owners of NoW Sushi.


So if you live in San Diego or are visiting…I would highly recommend visiting NoW Sushi, or the NoWorriesMovements other establishment, NoW Cafe.

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NoW Cafe

844 w. mission bay dr

Open M-F 8-4 pm Sat-Sun. 8-4:30pm


NoW Sushi

3852 mission blvd

Open M-Sun 12-9 pm


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