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Oatmeal Parfait With Sergeant Vegan.

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Oatmeal Parfait With Sergeant Vegan.

#LunchBreakLIVE with Sergeant Vegan, Bill Muir, making an oatmeal parfait whipped that’s 100% vegan and delicious! This U.S. Army veteran and former paratrooper remained vegan during his 1-year deployment to Afghanistan, thanks to incredible goodie bags sent from people back home and a Tofurky Foods sponsorship! Now, SGT VEGAN is going on a 6 state tour to spread the word to Americans that going plant-based is the most patriotic thing you can do! He will be in Nevada on 10/26 for VegeNation, in Salt Lake City, Utah at the Vertical Diner on 10/27, at Toasted in Boise, Idaho on 10/28, and in Casper, Wyoming at Wind City Books on 11/01. Check him out!



The Recipe

trail mix
coconut whip creme
silk or another vegan brand yogurt
vegan granola
Heat 1/2 cup of oatmeal w one cup of boiling water.
Add 2 teaspoons flaxseed.
Let cool.
Scoop into a bowl
add 1 cup granola- any brand… must be vegan
stir and mix together
take 1/2 mixture, put in a mason jar.
layer 2 oz of silk or another vegan yogurt brand, follow with some trail mix
add rest of oatmeal mix, layer more yogurt on top
finish with vegan whip creme
All the simple ingredients you will need to make this delicious meal.


Sgt. Vegan and Jane Velez-Mitchell and little Foxy Lady.


Sgt. Vegan giving two thumbs up for veganism!


This finished yogurt parfait!


Behind the scenes of #LunchBreakLIVE.


See Also

Sgt. Vegans book!


You should definitely check out Bill’s book.  It has great reviews.  Check it out:


“Vegan Strong has an incredible amount of practical and useful information about veganism including how to become vegan, vegan nutritional needs, how to shop economically as a vegan and find vegan food anywhere, how to travel vegan-style, vegan recipes and fitness, thought-provoking interviews with vegans., and even how to date as a vegan. This book not only covers all the basics you need to know as a vegan but contains a wide variety of invaluable information for veteran vegans. Highly recommended!” – HappyCow

“Sgt. Vegan (aka Bill Muir) is a classic Renaissance man. He’ll cover your back on the battlefield, in a medical crisis, at the gym, or in the kitchen. He knows firsthand what it’s like to maintain a plant-based diet under the most grueling circumstances (Army boot camp, Ranger training, deployment to Afghanistan!) and not only survive but also thrive, vegan strong. This ironman isn’t just a tough guy, though. He has professional vegan culinary training, which is a natural extension of his warm, gentle heart. There’s no one better than Sgt. Vegan to train your body and motivate your mind for a life of health, fitness, compassion, and good eating. –Jo Stepaniak, MSEd, author of Low-FODMAP and VeganThe Ultimate Uncheese CookbookVegan Vittles, and others.”


Be sure to learn more about Sgt. Vegan on his website.
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