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Pasta as Hot as Our Warming Climate!

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Pasta as Hot as Our Warming Climate!

Add some spice to your life with Beyond Meat Hot Italian Sausage!


Molly Marie Basler, a powerful vegan spokeswoman and climate reality leader, cooks up her signature Pasta Climate Reality dish! Kale, crimini mushrooms and marinara sauces combined with Beyond Meat Hot Italian Sausage, proves you don’t have to sacrifice any flavor when cooking vegan dishes for a better climate!
Kale doesn’t just make the pasta look pretty. It is packed with nutrients!


Molly holds everyone, including politicians, accountable for climate change. Creating “The Green Dream Campaign,” which works towards getting legislation passed that is good for the planet, Molly explains that she’ll request any legislator to back environmentally friendly initiatives. There is no more denying that the climate is changing and Molly is making sure that politicians and political parties stop denying it if they are. Her Green Dream Pledge asks the people in charge of these political parties to pledge their dedication to saving our planet and to adhere to the Green Dream Code of Ethics.  Molly also makes recipes that emphasize environmental awareness. All the recipes are vegan and they are all delicious!
A mountain of chopped mushrooms make this pasta dish even more savory!


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Molly’s pasta dish is not only hot and spicy, it is also full of protein nutrient-rich organic kale! Molly moves fast so the pasta is already al dente as soon as the show begins! Next, She coats a pan with olive oil and chops up the kale with ease. She explains that this pasta dish is a popular one that she brings with her to events to introduce people to good vegan food! It is also a great conversation starter to encourage people to eat more vegan food and save our planet. Molly zings up her pasta dish with delicious Beyond Meat Hot Italian Sausage. She sautés her beautifully chopped mushrooms alongside her sausages. Once it’s all finished, it looks like the never-ending pasta bowl of our dreams! Watch out any Italian restaurant…There’s delicious vegan pasta in town! Jane gives it her raving approval after her taste test! Keep the heat on your plate and off the planet with this pasta dish. Try making it at home with Molly’s recipe below!
This pasta looks absolutely heavenly!


Molly is on a mission to save the planet with her Planet Reality Pasta!
Jane Velez-Mitchell reporting for JaneUnChained News Network.
Photos courtesy of Jane Velez-Mitchell.
Pasta Climate Reality:
1/2 cup organic olive oil
One package of Beyond Meat Italian Sausage 4 sausages)
4 cups sliced crimini mushrooms
4 cups chopped organic kale
2 and 1/2 (25 ounces) organic marinara sauce (Whole Foods 365)
One cup medium salsa
One package of organic vegan spaghetti
(Whole Foods 365)
Heat water for pasta. Add a small amount of olive oil and a dash of salt. When boiling, place pasta in water. Cook per package’s directions.
When ready, take out and drain.
In a large skillet heat the olive oil. (you can use less olive oil and add as you go)
Place the Beyond Meat sausages in the heated olive oil turning every few minutes until browned.
Cut the plant-based sausages into pieces and let cook for a few minutes.
Add the sliced mushrooms. Sauté for 5 minutes stirring the mushrooms and sausages together constantly.
Add the salsa. Stir.
Add half of the marinara sauce. Stir and let sauté for 5 minutes, stirring every other minute.
Add the remaining marinara sauce. Stir.
Add the kale. Stir. Season with salt and pepper.
Lower the heat. Cover and let simmer for 5 minutes.
Take the sauce and stir in with the spaghetti. Woo Hoo! Pasta Climate Reality!
Serve with an organic spinach salad, topped with slices of organic tomatoes and avocados, plus balsamic vinegar and olive oil for the dressing.

Pasta as Hot as Our Warming Climate!

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