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A Vegan Burrito That Is Full Of Nutrients!

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A Vegan Burrito That Is Full Of Nutrients!

vegan burrito

The Perfect Vegan Burrito!

It is vegan burrito time!  Pop in the kitchen with animal activist and ballet choreographer Natasha Middleton, of Pacific Ballet Dance Theatre, creating a spinach burrito in the virtual Ellora Wellness kitchen with host Vanessa Marsot. Dancing through lunch, these two cooked and discussed Natasha’s powerful moving film, “Artists Are Like Animals,” showing the similarity of people feeling caged like animals due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Here’s the link to her beautifully danced and powerfully made film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHCOdCeMyxQ

A Tasty Vegan Burrito In Minutes!

Natasha prepares this delicious meal in just minutes, and it can be open face or wrapped because Angelenos love their wraps. This one is loaded with iron and fiber and has a mixture of cooked and raw ingredients, so you get the best of both worlds. Spinach, parsley, and cilantro are starring ingredients, and then a bunch of veggies–be creative and add your own mix–and of course no burrito wrap would be complete without the lime. You can make this oil-free by warming the pan first, or using some of the vegan butter Natasha used.
vegan burrito ingredients
The ingredients for this incredible burrito.


open faced vegan burrito
Eat it open-faced or wrap it up. Your choice.


Natasha showing off her burrito.


vegan burrito
The finished vegan spinach burrito.


Vegan Burrito Any Day Of The Week!

You can’t go wrong with burritos.  They are a staple food that almost everyone enjoys.  So why not stuff a delicious vegan burrito full of nutrients, colorful vegetables, and get grubbin’.  I have provided the recipe below so you can follow along with how Natasha made hers, or get creative and add your own favorite ingredients to your vegan burrito!  The possibilities are truly endless.


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Vegan Burrito (Spinach)

Course Main Courses
Cuisine Mexican
Servings 1 person


  • Fresh organic spinach
  • Fresh organic cilantro
  • Fresh organic parsley
  • Fresh organic tomato
  • Fresh organic avocado
  • Fresh organic lime
  • Gluten-Free Spinach Tortilla by Mission
  • Amy’s organic vegan refried beans or your own choice.
  • Organic garlic can add onions as well
  • Plant-based butter by Califa Farms made of coconut and avocado oil, with cashew nuts. Or your own handmade nut oil.
  • Plant-based meat from “No Kill” or Tofu
  • Follow Your Heart Vegenaise
  • Hot Sauce Valentina or your own choice.
  • Sea salt and fresh pepper


  • Chop up spinach, parsley, cilantro, tomatoes, and garlic.
  • Keep 4 full large leaves of spinach.
  • Slice 1 half of the avocado. Shape together.
  • Cut 1 lime in half for juicing over burrito wrap at the finish, and slice thin 1 to 2 pieces of the other half for garnish.
  • Take the No Kill plant-based meatless from the package. Use a small handful. Chop into slices, approximately 10 slices.
  • Preheat your pan at low flame.
  • Add the Califa Farms plant-based butter (Coconut/avocado oil/nuts) or your own vegan type. Use a cooking brush all around the pan.
  • Saute the meatless. Cook until slightly brown. It should be soft but still crunchy.
  • Add the chopped garlic or onions if desired into the pan to flavor the meatless.
  • Add a tablespoon Vegenaise for flavor and moisture, and stir all around the meatless. Turn off flame and cover pan.
  • Heat up Amy’s refried beans or your own type. Turn off and cover the pan.
  • Prepare a pan with the same plant-based butter for the Spinach Tortilla. Use a cooking brush to spread it all around the pan.
  • Add 1 Gluten-Free Spinach Tortilla. Saute moderately on both sides. Once the tortilla is finished, put on a plate.
  • Spread refried beans all around Spinach Tortilla.
  • Take the 4 large leaves of spinach and place in four points on top of the refried bean to act as lettuce.
  • Add the plant-based meatless on top and place it in the middle.
  • Squeeze some lime juice all around.
  • Add all the rest of the chopped vegetables (the fresh parsley, cilantro, tomatoes,) as well as the half an avocado. Place around in the tortilla in a decorative style.
  • Add Sea salt and fresh pepper for taste.
  • Add 1 /12 tablespoons of Vegenaise on top in the middle. (can act as an alternative to vegan sour cream for more flavor)
  • Squeeze more lime juice as desired.
  • Sprinkle the Valentina hot sauce as desired.
  • Add a twist of lime to garnish.
  • The Vegan Spinach Burrito Wrap can serve either open face or rolled up. A toothpick can be added to help keep it closed, and for a fun decoration.
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Thank You For Stopping By!

This was a fun episode of #LunchBreakLIVE.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.  We have so many recipe options from all over the world available to you so please feel free to check them out. In the meantime, let’s go make some vegan burritos!  Until next time…

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