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Could Oregon Be The Next State To BAN FUR?

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Could Oregon Be The Next State To BAN FUR?

HB-2676, the bill to ban the sale of fur in Oregon has been officially introduced! This episode of The Animal Hour we talk to Matthew Cooper, Diana Kitsune, Amber Canavan, and Priya Masterson, the organizers of Compassionate PDX, and find out how they are making it happen, and how you can do the same in your state! With host Dani Rukin, The Daring Vegan, citizen journalist for #JaneUnChainedNews.

If you live in Oregon, making a call to your representatives.

If you live in Oregon, take action for fur-bearing animals by going here:  https://www.compassionatepdx.org/takeaction/

Compassionate PDX Fur Squad team out getting signatures from Portlanders in support of a fur ban. Last count: 4,800 handwritten verified signatures!
IDA (In Defense of Animals) joined Portland’s annual Fur Free Friday demonstration with a mobile truck driving around downtown in support of the fur ban + a call to action to reach out to our city officials. Very effective!
Portlanders have been working for many years to make fur history. This Fur Free Friday protest was in 2017.

Powerful article written to Portland’s Willamette Weekly in support of a fur ban: https://www.wweek.com/culture/2017/12/18/actually-fur-is-bad-and-shame-on-people-promoting-it-as-a-cool-new-trend/



U.S. Congressman, Earl Blumenauer’s response, when asked by our very own Dani Rukin, on his stance on a statewide fur ban in Oregon just after California had become the first US state to successful pass a ban:

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“I think it’s perfectly appropriate for states to move forward. California provides some leadership and I would like to think that Oregon would be next in line.”

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s response when asked:

“There’s no reason for fur when we have so many synthetic and more environmentally sustainable options. I fully support the Portland fur ban.”

(L) Beloved Pacific Northwest Young Adult science fiction writer signs our petition with gusto! (R) Portlander doesn’t hesitate to sign the petition while also happily letting us know she’s a vegan!


Protestors outside a Portland outdoors shop that carried Canada Goose fur trim and other fur brands. As a result of this action and many correspondences, this establishment made the bold decision to discontinue all fur sales and now supports a fur ban.


Nordstrom recently announced their ground-breaking decision to join so many other fashion leaders and end the sale of fur, and becoming the first US-based retailer to ban exotic animal skins. This will undoubtedly influence other fashion designers and retailers to follow in kind.
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