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Oodles of Udon Noodles = Perfect Lunch!

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Oodles of Udon Noodles = Perfect Lunch!

How to make Ooodles of Udon Noodles: Fast, easy, fun, delicious… brought to you by That Snarky Vegan Girl on #LunchBreakLIVE! Join the party!
Take a cup of broccoli, a cup of peas and a cup of corn and place in simmering water.
Add 3 sliced mushrooms.
Add half a block of cubed firm or extra firm tofu.  You can extract water by first placing tofu block into tofu press for several hours but it’s not absolutely necessary. Tofuture is recommended tofu press. It really is a great product for getting the most from tofu.
Add one bundle of udon noodles. Udon usually comes in several bundles per package. You can also substitute rice ramen or soba noodles. Just make sure it’s vegan, ie. eggless, so you can have a cholesterol-free (and cruelty-free) meal.
Cook for 5 minutes or until noodles are done.
At this point, it can be a soup dish by adding Simply Asia Sweet Ginger Garlic  and organic tamari sauce to taste. Plus, add in whatever other spices spices you wish. You could also add in nutritional yeast to increase the soup’s thickness.
However, to proceed to making the cool noodle dish, hold off on adding spices until later.
To proceed to the cool noodle dish, drain mixture of liquid and rinse with water until cool.
Place pasta and veggies in a bowl.  Add Simply Asia Sweet Ginger Garlic and organic tamari Sauce. Bragg’s Aminos is a good alternative to Tamari sauce. 
It’s that easy! Serve and enjoy! 

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