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Hello Veganz! Please Come to America! Jane Unchained Berlin Continues!

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Hello Veganz! Please Come to America! Jane Unchained Berlin Continues!


#JaneUnChainedEUROPE in Berlin, Germany, the world’s most vegan city! Now, come with us as we enter Veganz, the all vegan supermarket! We’ve counted three in this city so far! Upstairs of Veganz is a vegan shoe store that is amazing! This needs to be worldwide! Check it out! Wow! The world is changing!


Jane and That Snarky Vegan Girl, Donna, cannot wait to get into this place! Jane describes Veganz as a Whole Foods without the animal products. This store is packed with amazing finds from every plant-based milk you can think of to, tea mixes and plant proteins. The shelves are stocked to the max with amazing new vegan finds, without the dead animals or animal byproducts. This store is a vegan shoppers paradise!


They even have their own line of Veganz products from a wide assortment of vegan cheeses to sandwich deli slices. Jane and Donna are mind blown by the selection!  For once there is too many to choose from! This store has a huge variety of pet food for dogs and cats alike. Jane of course feeds her puppies V-Dog brand but this place has her vegan cat food brand Ami as well!


There is no need to deprive yourself of anything with a store like this around! Jane is all over the sweets as usual. She has to have the vegan caramel and makes a pitstop by the dessert display to admire its sweet selection. Vegans even has a nice food dining area so you can enjoy your vegan food right there on the spot! We’re surprised they made it out of this grocery store at all!


Alas, it was time for Jane and Donna to run upstairs and check out the vegan shoe store, named Avesu, and the full service plant-based restaurant, The Bowl. The shoe store has amazing Vegetarian Shoes brand shoes, and they sell purses from amazing vegan brand Matt and Nat too. This store is a vegan shoe shopper’s dream come true, and Jane is one little lady that needs a new pair of shoes! Jane is loving the selection at Avesu, and she makes a great point that there is no reason to sacrifice style when there are plenty of cruelty-free alternatives available that are just as stylish. The shoes and bags are so gorgeous, you will never need to wear another animal product again thanks to stores and brands like these. Thank you Veganz and Avesu for making it normal and accessible to live a completely animal product-free lifestyle. We cannot wait for Veganz to come to America!


Please stay tuned for Jane and Donna’s next stop in Berlin!



Report Edited by Ellen Dent.



The vegan supermarket of our dreams!
Aisle to aisle plant-based products as far as the eye can see in this amazing Veganz Supermarket!


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The plant-based full service restaurant upstairs to reenergize after you’ve worked up an appetite shopping!
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