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Monty’s Good Burger Sizzles!

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Monty’s Good Burger Sizzles!

Welcome to Monty’s.. Come in. You won’t believe your taste buds!

Burgers, get your burgers on #LunchBreakLIVE! 100% Plant Based Burgers, Fries, Tater Tots & Shakes from Monty’s Good Burger/ Monty’s Good Burger. Located in the heart of Korea Town, near Downtown Los Angeles, California, this burger joint has the feel of an old-fashioned diner, similar to the one featured in the movie “Diner” yet with an updated cruelty-free food options’ menu.

Sizzle plant-based burgers sizzle. Yum!

Featuring the Impossible Burger with Follow Your Heart melted cheese and dressings, topped with pickles, lettuce, cucumber and tomato all atop of a soft potato bun. Join the fun with many of the #JaneUnChained team, including Sarah Segal, Vanessa Marsot and our newest Kenzîah Nunkï (photographer/cameraman)as they celebrate Jane Velez-Mitchell’s birthday.

Sarah, Jane, Paige, and Vanessa pose for a fun photo in celebration of Jane’s bday!

Watch as Mara, a pre-vegan who enjoys the taste of meat, takes her first bite of a plant-based burger and her first sip of a vegan shake. Thumbs up! Thanks Al, who’s one of the owners, for helping us out!

An inside look as the burgers are being compiled.

Mara learned a pre-vegan lesson today! You can’t run into Jane Unchained crew and expect not to get schooled on the deliciousness of plant-based eating! Mara says that she can’t believe how good it is. She says, “Omg this is just like a regular burger!” This is the new regular burger of the future that does not contain animal products. No cholesterol to clog your veins and still all the flavor and more! Don’t forget to wash it down with a plant-based milkshake. They even offer an oil-free vanilla shake. This is the hot new plant-based burger shop that vegans and pre-vegans alike need to try! The line is down the street for a reason!

These burgers are almost done and we can almost taste them!

Visit Monty’s Good Burger

516 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90020

Jane Velez-MItchell and Paige Parsons Roache reporting for LunchBreakLIVE on The Jane Unchained News Network.

Photos courtesy of Jane Velez-MItchell

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Report edited by Ellen Dent.

Could anything be more inviting than this box of Monty’s Good burgers??
We don’t knw what milkshake sorcery this was but it was delicious!
These burgers deserve a close-up!
Bring all your pre-vegan friends to Monty’s Good Burger so they will know plant-based is the wave of the future!
All the “Gangster Vegan” and part owner of Monty’s lets us know what’s up!
The good people at Monty’s Good Burger working hard trying to keep up with the demand for their plant-based hamburgers!




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