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Green New American Vegetarian Restaurant!

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Green New American Vegetarian Restaurant!

Check out the groovy exterior designs on the exterior of the restaurant.

#LunchBreakLIVE at the amazing Green New American Vegetarian restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona! Taste-testers just wrapped up 2-day #VeganWorld2026 conference! Special guests Will Tucker Fitness and his wife, Nadia Khalighi, Tucker are founders of the nonprofit and monthly plant-based Mesa, Arizona street fair Zen Nights. This is the restaurant where Nadia tasted the delicious food and went vegan!

This sandwich is sure to be your BFF for real!

Will starts off by showing us the “Big Wac” burger which is a veganized version of the Big Mac. They also have delicious platters of fries for the East or West Coast style, depending on your tastes. Nadia and Will have an amazing vegan block party event, called Zen Nights, that is held monthly to offer vegan options to everyone who attends. Everyone is enjoying the delicious food at this restaurant. Sarah was a huge fan of the wings and says they would be perfect for a Super Bowl party! It all looks so good from the brussels sprouts to the “BFF” sandwich.

Nadia, Will, and Jane pose beneath their mantra. Promoting peace is what these vegans are all about!

Will introduced Nadia to the vegan lifestyle and they certainly have embodied it together. Zen Nights is growing exponentially and so is the vegan community in Phoenix. Will and Nadia go beyond Zen Nights, and they are helping with the Listening Room’s vegan talks as well. Will has a fitness studio where he demonstrates you can be strong and be vegan. Thank you Will and Nadia for all that you are doing to help promote cruelty-free lifestyles in your community!

Nadia, Will, and Paige are all smiles after eating at this amazing restaurant!


Come to Zen Nights!

Check out Green New American Vegetarian next time you’re in the Phoenix area!

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Jane Velez-MItchell and Paige Parsons Roache reporting for Jane Unchained News Network.

Photos courtesy of Jane Velez-MItchell and Paige Parsons Roache.

Report Edited by Ellen Dent.

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