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Dreaming of a Vegan Christmas!

Dreaming of a Vegan Christmas!


#JaneUnchained #LIVE in New York, New York with Edita Birnkrant as animal activists sing holiday carols, rewritten with animal rights messages, as tourists & New Yorkers cheer them on. “We Wish You a Vegan Christmas,” is just one of their remakes. They sing about the cruelty of fur and down, meat and dairy, horse-carriage rides and leather. The message? Go Vegan and make kinder choices.
Caring individuals ring in the holiday cheer with their lovely vegan Christmas carols!
“We wish you a Vegan Christmas and a Fur-Free New Year.”  These carolers sang their hearts out all in the name of compassion. They adapted several traditional Christmas carols, adding vegan messages like… compassion. On the playlist tonight are new classics like “Frosty the Vegan Snowman,” “Violent Night,” and “I’m Dreaming of Vegan Christmas.” The most precious song of them all is “Maya the Vegan Baby,” adapted by Jamie for her adorable baby girl, Maya, in attendance. “Maya doesn’t drink cow’s milk because she is not a baby cow.” We love it!
They had a group complete with a four-legged caroler.
The carolers sparked a festive mood, so much so that vegan bystanders stopped to show support and one even grabbed a hat and joined in! One gentleman, who is in medical school with plans to be a vegan doctor one day soon, also stopped by to root the carolers on. This group really makes you want to get out there and belt out these amazing vegan Christmas songs too. Sing them wherever you can and “may all your Christmases be kind.” Happy Holidays Everyone!
This awesome group of carolers sang with all their hearts to promote compassion for all living beings!
Edita Birnkrant  Reporting LIVE for JaneUnchained.
Photos courtesy of Jane Velez-Mitchell.
Report edited by Ellen Dent.
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