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You’re Invited to the SCIL Gala for the Animals!

You’re Invited to the SCIL Gala for the Animals!

Don’t miss the best party for the animals in town!

You’re invited to a fabulous, fun, West Hollywood, California party on Saturday, January 19th to launch the campaign for a dozen new laws to protect animals from cruelty and abuse in California! Now, meet the women behind this campaign to save animals from cruelty, improve human health and fight climate change. Social Compassion In Legislation‘s Judie Mancuso and Simone Reyes join JaneUnChained‘s Jane Velez-Mitchell to talk about the tough laws they’ve just passed and how attendance at this party will help save millions more animals through 12 new bills they are introducing!

Try not to miss out on this event! The lineup could not be better!

Judie explains that shelter dogs, cats, and rabbits are the only pets that can be sold in pet stores now thanks to Social Compassion In Legislation (SCIL) efforts. The sales of animals from breeders like dogs, cats, and rabbits in pet stores is now prohibited! They have also passed so many other bills to protect animals and prevent animal cruelty. SB 1249 is one of the biggest bills that was passed this year to prevent cruelty in cosmetics in California. The passing of these bills in California demonstrates to other states that they can accomplish change through the legislative process as well.  Simone explains younger generations are demanding cruelty-free products, which has increased their demand. This has also made it possible for this bill to be passed. The power of demand sets the standards of practices used to produce consumer products. If you support cruelty-free products, you are saying you are against cruel practices against animals. Most people don’t approve of cruelty animals unless they are benefitting from this cruelty, and the majority of us are not. There are plenty of safe alternative methods for the testing of beauty products on willing human beings, so we should insist that enslaved animals should not have to endure these horrible practices.

Simone Reyes bravely spoke out for the animals in Sacramento in favor of SB 1249.

Social Compassion In Legislation’s efforts do not end there. They also passed the bill SB 1138, which requires vegan options in hospitals, prisons, and other institutions to offer plant-based meals. This allows people who do not want to eat animals or animal products the choice to not starve and ensure their dietary preferences and beliefs are upheld. Judie further explains that people suffering with ailments in the hospital are fed same animal products that may have caused them to have the ailments in the first place! Judie shares her own deficient vegan meal experience when she was in the hospital. This is unacceptable and we are so glad to see that people will not have to struggle in this way thank you to SCIL’s efforts!

Jane poses with Judie Mancuso, Simone Reyes, and several other passionate women who were in Sacramento in support of passing of SB 1249.

It is costly to promote change. Not only is it risky but it costs a lot of money. Judie says SCIL spent $40,000-$70,000 alone on lobbyists, public relations, billboards, and advertisements in one month trying to pass these bills that set the precedent for worldwide change. SCIL must to fundraise to be able to accomplish these monumental achievements. Simone explains that when they introduce a bill, they have to come armed to win and that takes a lot of hard work, strategic planning, and a lot of funding. Jane also explains that this is a small organization making huge changes. They don’t have any overhead, so every penny that goes into Social Compassion in Legislation goes toward their work to get legislation passed.

These special compassionate guest stars will be lending their voices to promote compassionate change for all beings!

Jane highly recommends this gala, saying it is one of the best parties she’s ever been to! SCIL calls the gala “Sunset on Sunset Celebration and Fundraising Event” because it is taking place on Sunset Blvd. at the luxurious Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood at the time the sun will be setting. It will be held in an amazing panorama room so you can enjoy the sunset at the gala! Lisa Bloom, the famous civil rights attorney, and our very own Jane Velez-Mitchell of JaneUnchained News Network will be emceeing the event! There will also be several high profile compassionate guest stars lending their voices for the animal in attendance including,  John Paul Dejoria of John Paul Mitchell Systems (JPMS) Haircare, Senator Nancy Skinner, Maggie Q, Joanna Krupa, Genesis Butler, and Linda Middlesworth! This will truly be an amazing event to come out and support the efforts of this phenomenal organization. Please visit the Social Compassion In Legislation’s website and get your tickets today so you can save animals and make the lives of every being on this planet better! 

Get your tickets NOW before they run out at: socialcompassioninlegislation.org/events

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Jane Velez-Mitchell  reporting for JaneUnchained News Network.
Report Edited by Ellen Dent.


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