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Slaves Are Not Entertainment!

Slaves Are Not Entertainment!

Watch #LIVE #JaneUnchained as protesters outside of the UniverSoul Circus in Atlanta, Georgia during the SuperBowl festivities. Chef Nikki with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) tells the public there are plenty of animal-free circuses. Nikki is a new mother and she explains that there are plenty of other ways to show how wonderful animals are to children rather than taking them to circuses. You can also take children to sanctuaries or on nature walks to look at animals in their natural environments. There is no need for animals to be held captive for our entertainment purposes.

Activists stood in protest of the use of animal slaves for entertainment.

Chef Nikki is here to ask people not to support a circus that enslaves animals that should be wild. She is asking that they not attend the circus until they remove the animals from their show. Circuses have been exposed for their cruelty to animals in order to get the animals to perform tricks that are unnatural for the animal. Wild animals belong in the wild where they can live their lives freely.

They asked that patrons turn away and not support entertainment with captive animals.

The activists explain that there are animals that are enslaved for entertainment at these shows. If people saw what happens to animals behind the scenes, they probably would reconsider attending these shows.  Most of us went to the circus when we were younger and we had no idea the animals in the shows were being held captive and forced to do tricks. But now we know and it is time to take a stand for their right to be free and unharmed. Please share this piece with others and ask them not to support cruel industries that exploit animals for entertainment purposes!

Sarah in her elephant costume. This is the only  “elephant” that should be part of our entertainment.


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UniverSoul representatives are invited anytime to respond!

Photos courtesy of Sarah Segal.
Report edited by Ellen Dent.


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