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Help These Piggies Get A New Barn!

Help These Piggies Get A New Barn!

#JaneUnChained #LIVETALK with Rachel McCrystal of Woodstock Farm Sanctuary! The sanctuary has exciting new plans to build a new barn so they can rescue more pigs and showcase the intelligence and individuality of these amazing animals! This sanctuary needs to build a new home for these pigs to be able to make room and save other pigs. As the pigs grew up and have gotten much larger. Now the sanctuary is in need of proper living space for them. Unfortunately, new barns aren’t free, and sanctuaries rely on the generosity of people to help them cover the costs to operate them. Stay tuned and watch more about pigs and their treatment in the agricultural industry. Please share this video and donate at the link below the article if you can!

How a mother should live with her babies… Free to roam and love them.

Rachel explains that pigs are extremely sophisticated and they are even as smart as a 3-year old child. They are also so physiologically close to humans that we can use pieces of their bodies to replace parts of our bodies that have failed. Society has demonized and “otherized” pigs to create a level of cognitive dissonance and “human supremacy” so humans are comfortable with eating them as food. It is unnecessary to eat pigs and by not doing so you save the lives of these sweet sentient creatures. Jane explains that farmers can also be victims of the animal agricultural industry as well because they get stuck in contracts that leave them trapped financially. She also explains that this a consumer issue, and consumers have a plethora of plant-based cruelty-free alternatives. Furthermore, the variety of vegan products is growing exponentially, so please leave animals off your plate and choose something just as delicious that didn’t scream when it died.

Bowie the sheep is also one of the sanctuary’s residents!

Rachel says you can spread awareness. by sharing sanctuary videos and other positive videos of pigs being affectionate and making friends with other species of animals. You can also share pig vigil videos because although they are horrific they show the truth about the baby pigs that are sent to slaughter after living tortured lives. Rachel hopes that once “people know better, they might do better.” She says people can also invite their friends and family to a sanctuary and allow them to connect with animals in person. If a person is truly an “animal lover,” they may realize that you can’t be an animal lover and still eat animals. Support life-saving sanctuaries like Woodstock Farm Sanctuary. Donate at the link below and help these big piggies get a bigger barn to live in!

They even have this adorable rescued duck, Teddy!

Any representatives of the agricultural industry are invited to respond at any time.

Go to The Woodstock Farm Sanctuary Website and help them build a new barn now!


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Jane Velez-Mitchell reporting for JaneUnchained News Network.

Photos courtesy of The Woodstock Farm Sanctuary Website.

Report edited by Ellen Dent.

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