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Getting Nutty with Actress, Writer, and Producer Ally Iseman!

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Getting Nutty with Actress, Writer, and Producer Ally Iseman!

Simple ingredients and a blender make the best plant-based accompaniments!

Things are getting nutty tonight with award-winning actress, writer, & producer Ally Iseman making Antoinette Westcott milk her nuts on One Veggie At A Time. Ally has been vegan for 12 years, and she shares an interesting showbiz story with us. Ally realized while she was playing a horse rider on TV, that horse riding is not vegan. She had grown up with horses and loved horses growing up, but it wasn’t until someone pointed it out to her that she made the connection. She decided to accept the role because she knew that the horse would be ridden anyways and she would be able to do it in the most gentle respectful way. She also has shares how to travel compassionately and sustainably on the show she is developing called, “The Road Best Eaten.” 

Who doesn’t love a good creamy alfredo sauce??

Ally has experimented with different kinds of nut milk, and she says that mixing the nuts together in one milk has a superior taste. She starts by soaking the nuts and the more dense nuts need more time to soak. Then she blends water, the nuts, some dates for sweetness, and a dash of vanilla for flavor. After its blended Antoinette helps strain it through a nut strainer bag to separate the milk from the grainy nut pieces. This recipe makes about 4-5 cups of milk. Ally explains that you can keep the strained nut pulp and use it to bake too! Next, Ally makes us her macadamia brazil nut alfredo sauce. She adds nuts water, seasonings, lemon juice, and nutritional yeast to make this creamy concoction. Get nutty at home and make your own delicious creamy vegan creations with Ally’s recipes below!

Time to taste test the goods! Yum!


Filmed at the Real Change Events Center. 


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Photos and camerawork by Eric Faison.

Report edited by Ellen Dent.


Antoinette and Ally show off Ally’s creations!


Nut Milk Recipe
1 part nuts (soaked overnight) to 4 parts water (can increase or decrease water amount for creamier or more watery Mylk consistency), a splash of vanilla and 1 Medjool date for every 8oz/1 cup of water.
Stick it in a high powered blender and blend until completely liquidated. Strain through a nut milk bag or cheesecloth and tahdah! You’ve got nut milk with nut pulp that you can freeze for baking recipes later!

Creamy Alfredo Sauce
1 part soaked nuts to 2 parts water.
For cheezy sauces: equal parts nuts to liquid (for Alfredo use half macadamia nuts and half Brazil or cashew nuts).
Play with adding more water if you want a more liquid sauce, less of you want thicker verging on spreadable cheez.
Add nutritional yeast and garlic, salt and pepper to taste. I go pretty heavy on the nooz for my Alfredo. Once you have a solid base recipe like these, you can play with adding seasonings like lavender, matcha, parsley, etc.
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