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Activists Say Horseracing is Dead Wrong!

Activists Say Horseracing is Dead Wrong!

Activists make sure passing cars see the banner.

JaneUnchained LIVE at Los Alamitos Race Course. Protesters with the organization, Horse Racing Wrongs, stand outside with signs and literature. They’re pleading to the public to reconsider attending the event. These activists say that horse racing is cruel and inhumane. Watch as these former horse owners talk about the truth behind horse racing.

“HORSERACING KILLS HORSES,” it says on this activists sign.

Shauna, a former racehorse owner, shares her experience when her racehorse who was injured repeatedly. She stopped racing her horse after she became injured again after recovering from her initial injuries. Now, she can’t attend the races she loved so much in the past anymore. She knows from her first-hand experience the toll the practice can take on these beautiful creatures. She also shares that she believes this problem starts at the origin where the horses are bred.

Activists demonstrate the ailments described to be experienced by racehorses.

According to Horse Racing Wrongs, a horse was euthanized this day as a result of racing at this track on this day. A horse named “Always Checking,” passed away August 17, 2019, in Los Alamitos Racetrack. They post that he was “injured, vanned off, euthanized.” The organizer, Heather Anahita, explains he is only one of eleven horses recorded to have passed away in 2019 alone. She further explains that these horses may be drugged and forced to run in extreme heat. In these conditions, they often collapse and die at only 2-3 years old when their life expectancy is about 20 years. A viewer makes a great point. Why not change this track into a racetrack for machines like cars instead? These deaths could be avoidable. 

The death toll is rising. What will you do to make this stop??

As one activist Kirsten explains, horses do like to run when they are able to run freely, uncoerced by whips for human entertainment. This cause is so important to her, she is here on her birthday, and she brought her whole family! You can help make this stop by sharing the truth about what happens at the racetrack. It’s not entertainment, It’s violence!


For more information about the recent deaths of horses visit The Horseracing Wrongs website!

Sign Horseracing Wrongs petitions on Change.org.


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Los Alamitos Race Course or any other horseracing industry representatives are invited on to respond at any time.


Sarah Segal reporting for Jane Unchained News Network.

Photos provided by Sarah Segal.

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