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Veganism Docks in Copenhagen!

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Veganism Docks in Copenhagen!

#JaneUnChainedEurope #LIVE in Copenhagen, Denmark, where vegan pastry shops abound! This gem, on a charming cobblestone street, is called Kaf! Their vegan cakes and pies are almost too gorgeous to eat! Check out this croissant, filled with vegan cream and topped with strawberries!


#JaneUnChainedEUROPE at Copenhagen’s popular vegan buffet restaurant, Veggie Heroes! Check out the incredible array of sumptuous vegan dishes, made with Indian and Nepalese twists! Absolutely delicious! There are two Veggie Heroes in this city! A must visit for all vegan tourists when you hit town! This, and other great vegan restaurants in Copenhagen, were found thanks to the HappyCow Vegan Guide! Download and use Happy Cow to guarantee you hit the best vegan restaurants wherever you go! Jane’s headed to the International Animal Rights Conference in Luxembourg where she will screen our new documentary, Countdown to Year Zero! Watch it now on Amazon Prime Video! #AmazonPrime

Jane at Copenhagen's most photographed spot
JaneUnChained’s Jane Velez-Mitchell used the Happy Cow app to hit many of Copenhagen’s numerous vegan restaurants in four days!

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#JaneUnChainedEUROPE #LIVE in Copenhagen, Denmark at a super trendy, super colorful vegan, raw and gluten-free hotspot called Matcha Bar. Matcha Bar sits inside the luxurious Magazin du Nord department store in Copenhagen’s ritzy shopping district! It’s on the second floor. The offerings here are extraordinary… like works of art, except edible! Check out their signature salad and Blue Spirulina Ocean Buddha Bowl! The drinks are also visually arresting! Wow!  These are just a sampling of the dozens of vegan restaurants in and around Copenhagen! Remember to download the Happy Cow app and use it every time you travel. You literally hit “directions” and are guided right to your seat.

the crown jewels
When visiting the many historical sites, it’s so easy to hit the Happy Cow app and find a charming vegan restaurant within blocks!
Beyond Burger
The Beyond Burger is front and center at the vegan fast food spot Two Monkeys.
vegetarian sign
This sign, captured in the heart of Copenhagen’s seafood tourist zone, shows the times are changing.
gourmet raw at Matcha
The all vegan Matcha Bar, inside one of Copenhagen’s most elegant department stores, shows the high end crowd is gravitating towards a plant-based lifestyle.



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