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Why Sugar Taco’s Newest Restaurant is a Game Changer!

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Why Sugar Taco’s Newest Restaurant is a Game Changer!

Sugar Taco Hits Long Beach, California.

Sugar Taco opens vegan restaurant #3 in Long Beach with a glamorous, celebrity-studded party as women business leaders show the future is female and vegan.  

Long Beach, Calif., September 19, 2023 – They say good things come in threes and that’s the case for the female-owned and led Sugar Taco restaurant chain.

Recently, this Southern California gem opened its third restaurant. This time it’s in Long Beach. Let’s just say Hollywood came to Long Beach for the star-studded grand opening celebration, which attracted a slew of glittery social media influencers. Watch the short video below and you’ll see exactly what we mean!

 Food Meets Feminism

The models, actresses and social media influencers in attendance couldn’t stop raving about their favorite dishes!  Freshly made burritos, nachos, quesadillas, loaded fries, and – of course – tacos are among the highlights. And, who wouldn’t want to polish off a taco with an agua fresca in hand?

Sugar Taco is a testament to the growing power of compassionate female entrepreneurs. Jayde Nicole mobilized her band of successful women in business and entertainment to create the original Sugar Taco on Melrose in West Hollywood.  Sugar Taco co-owner Jamie Lynne is another leader in this tribe of changemakers.

“It was really important for them to gather female investors and teach first-time investors how to do it,” says Lynne. “I am so happy to be part of something like that for women. They’re learning how to invest in business. I think the vegan movement is just getting bigger, by the minute.”

More Than a Trend

It’s easy to see why more people are walking on the plant-based side. Vegan food is delicious, nutritious and, according to a new Oxford University study, heavy meat eaters can lower their emissions footprint by an astounding 75% by switching to a plant-based diet.  As Veganism becomes mainstream more people are taking an interest in careers that reflect those values. According to Lynne, jobs related to plant-based food brands are up over 30%.

Sugar Taco Mexican-themed menu items. Courtesy Sugar Taco
Sugar Taco Mexican-themed menu items. Courtesy Sugar Taco

Whatever your reason for coming to Sugar Taco, you won’t be disappointed. The food is delicious and the vibe is contagious. Makeup artist Daisy Dennis is a fan of the nachos and the “chicken” tacos. Tatiana Carr, one of the West Hollywood Sugar Taco investors, says this is exactly what Long Beach needs. Her go-to: the loaded fries!

Another celebrity, actress and model Jenna Haze has joined the movement. She says she was drawn to the lifestyle and ethos because of ethical concerns.

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“I started to have a lot of cognitive dissonance and (realized my diet wasn’t right),” she says. “So I made the change and I feel amazing. It’s really great to see all the restaurants like these.”

Chef Symphony Alazam loves the Sugar Taco concept, explaining how it has something to offer everyone. “It’s crunchy,” she says. “It’s crispy, salty. It’s sweet. Anything you want you can have vegan. Don’t believe any of the haters when they say that it’s boring or bland or it’s not creative or it’s for the rabbits. Because it’s truly for everyone.”

And, in Long Beach, There’s a Vegan Deli Too!

The sister business, The Plant Butchers, located right next door to the Long Beach Sugar Taco, gives food lovers even more options. It mimics a butcher shop or deli— but without any slabs of dead animals. Instead, they offer plant-based cheeses and vegan deli “meats” that make for the perfect sandwich. Salads, mac n’cheese, biscuits and plant-based fried “chicken” make traditional deli food kinder and better for the planet. There’s also a grab-and-go market.

So what’s next for this vegan business leader? “The sky’s the limit,” Lynne says. Stay tuned for what the women of Sugar Taco might cook up next!

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