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Cruzer Pizza Party Celebrating a New Location!

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Cruzer Pizza Party Celebrating a New Location!

This picture will make you want to speed on over to Cruzer Pizza!
LunchbreakLIVE at Cruzer Pizza New Location Launch Party! with the owner Sami, Holly Edwards, and Prabhat Gautam! Prabhat, Holly, and Sami are super excited today to celebrate the newest Cruzer Pizza location. According to Sami, they are the first 100% vegan pizzeria nationwide! Sami was ahead of the trend when he transformed his family’s business around 2008! We are always excited to see vegan restaurants thrive and open new locations just like this one! Now it’s time to get the party started!
The dough is made in house! It doesn’t get fresher than that!
Prabhat and Holly jump in the back to show us where the vegan magic happens! Abel literally tosses the pizza together while Holly tries her best to help. Sami explains how they make the pizza super fresh and delicious! In no time the pizza is ready!
Hard to believe that this pizza is vegan, but believe it!
You definitely need to get to Cruzer Pizza and try their pizza! But that’s not all. They have breadsticks, pasta, sandwiches, salads, and more! My personal favorite is their spaghetti and vegan meatballs! Today, Prabhat and Holly try the veggie pizza, lasagna, drumsticks, and grape leaves. The menu is always expanding! Holly said it’s the most amazing pizza she’s ever had! She says she wouldn’t know the difference between this pizza and one with animal products on it!  No wonder so many celebs like Julia Roberts, Moby, and John Salley have visited this restaurant! Cruise on over to Cruzer Pizza today and make all of your tasty vegan dreams come true!
Prabhat and the vegan party crew were ready to celebrate!

Don’t forget to try their other items like this mouth-watering lasagna!
Prabhat Gautam reporting LIVE for JaneUnchained News.
This restaurant is so vegan, the walls are screaming the vegan message!
The Philly cheesesteak is Prabhat’s favorite. You can make it into a pizza too!
Stay on the lighter side with a salad.
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