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LA Animal Save: 3 Years of Pig Vigils!

LA Animal Save: 3 Years of Pig Vigils!

Amy gives a compelling speech to vigil goers.

Main organizers Sergio Pinedo, Heather Stewart, Amy Jean Davis, and Robert Sud pose for a quick photo.

JaneUnChained LIVE at the 3rd anniversary of the Los Angeles Animal Save Vigil. LA Animal Save is the largest group in The Animal Save Movement which is comprised of over 700 groups worldwide! For three years they have been organizing this life-changing vigil outside of the slaughterhouse. Lead organizer Amy Jean Davis is joined by Robert Sud, Sergio Pinedo, Jackie and Larry Brannon, Heather Stewart, and Brian Carroll who helped her organize this special vigil. Prior to the vigil they offered delicious vegan pasta provided by Avocadamama and delectable dessert brownies provided by Charlie’s Brownies. This community is absolutely amazing!

Annie gets up close with her animal companion. The irony is these pigs are just as smart if not smarter than dogs. They are also as sentient as dogs and we are.
This amazing activist group was founded on December 12, 2016, by Amy Jean Davis, as part of the worldwide Animal Save Movement. Los Angeles Animal Save started by holding monthly vigils. Soon, they were showing up for the pigs every week. Now, three years later, an ever-increasing number of activists are making the trek to bear witness to the suffering of baby pigs, who can be anywhere from 4-6 months old. What is bearing witness? Activists get as close as they can to the double-decker trucks, which are packed with pigs, as the vehicles arrive at the slaughterhouse. Through the small holes, the Save Movement attendees give the animals as much comfort as possible, offering them water and sometimes even a caring hand on their body and snout. It is absolutely devastating to see what is happening to these innocent beings. Despite it being a gut-wrenching experience, these dedicated people continue to come and take peaceful action in the hope that, one day, trucks will cease their deliveries to this slaughterhouse and all abattoirs around the world!
Amy gives a compelling speech to vigil goers.
Notable vegan celebrities and popular animal rights activists have also attended these vigils to help raise awareness of the plight of these animals. Shaun Monson, Amy’s partner, who created the film Earthlings and executive produced Dominion, along with several other eye-opening documentaries, has also helped organize these vigils by Amy’s side. Celebrity allies like Joaquin Phoenix, Moby, Kat Von D, Mena Suvari, Toby Morse, and Katie Sarife, to name a few, have come to these vigils! Some can be seen here on any given night. It is so encouraging to see so many mainstream celebrities use their platforms to reach the masses!
Pigs eagerly gulp water before the trucks head into the slaughterhouses.
In the above video, Amy gives a riveting speech in which she sheds light upon several other intersectional issues, like the environmental wreckage caused by animal agriculture, that are rarely discussed by the mainstream media. She also explains, in a later interview with Jane, that these pigs are no different from the cats and dogs our society values so dearly, having given them the distinction of being our companions. We have to demand better for these sweet, intelligent, and  – most of all – sentient creatures. Amy explains that we need to let go of cruel traditions and, instead, do what is morally right for all beings and our planet. Thanks to the Save Movement, consumers are seeing what is happening at slaughterhouses. They are seeing the victims first hand or in videos on Facebook. People are learning the truth. These consumers often adjust their lifestyle choices to align with their morals because of what this group of activists is showing them. Thank you LA Animal Save for standing up for these beautiful beings for 3 years! You all are our heroes!
It’s not what is on the trucks, it’s who!

The slaughterhouse is invited on at any time to respond.

Attend a weekly vigil with Los Angeles Animal Save on Sundays and with Animal Alliance Network on Wednesdays.

Connect with your local Animal Save Movement chapter to attend a vigil and get involved.

Jane filmed for JaneUnchained News to show her followers.

Jane Velez-Mitchell reporting for JaneUnchained News Network.

Photos courtesy of The HendrysRobert Sud, and Jane Velez-Mitchell.

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Actress, Katie Sarife, and Chairperson of the Gentle Barn, Alec Pederson, give comfort and document the conditions of the pigs on the trucks.

Activists use signs to express their disdain for what is happening to the pigs at this slaughterhouse.
Break tradition and choose compassion for these unfortunate creatures.
May the next generation be more compassionate than ours.
Once you see them, the similarity of their eyes to ours may haunt your soul forever.
Andrija brings her pig companion “OSOF” to show there is no difference. This is the life they all should have.
Others are not so fortunate.
Multiple trucks lined up to enter the slaughterhouse.
Rest in Peace angel.
Lindsay Leigh, Genesis Butler, and Cesar Asebedo pose for a picture with The Save Movement poster and the Vegan Flag.
Activists come to these vigils peacefully.
The Vegan Flag flies high over our movement!

More amazing photos from this evening:


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