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Voices for Animal Liberation Author Speaks

Voices for Animal Liberation Author Speaks

Voices like the ones featured in Brittany’s book, will inspire and intrigue readers. Meme source: JaneUnchained News

#JaneUnChained #LIVETALK w BREAKING NEWS! The world heard Joaquin Phoenix’s brilliant Golden Globes acceptance speech, calling out animal agriculture & praising plant-based! Brittany Michelson talks about her amazing new book, Voices for Animal Liberation, which you can pre-order on Amazon and from her publisher, Skyhorse Publishing. This book is full of mesmerizing, first-person stories of how more than two dozen people became animal rights activists and movement leaders. Contributing writer, activist and former steak eater Dani Rukin, who is also featured in Brittany’s book, joins us too! 

Thank you for bravely sharing the truth with millions of people, Joaquin! Meme source: PETA
The new year is looking great for the plant-based vegan animal rights revolution! We may have literally witnessed the tipping point with Joaquin Phoenix’s speech at the Golden Globes last night reaching millions of viewers in their homes around the world. With a huge win for the movement like this and books like Brittany Michelson’s, Voices for Animal Liberation, being published by big mainstream publishers like Skyhorse Publishing, the message of compassion is penetrating into the masses. We can only hope to see more amazing feats like these in this new year. For now, we are glad to see that the truth was broadcasted to 18.3 million people who watched the historical moment by Joaquin Phoenix on television last night. 2020 here we come!
We applaud Joaquin for his bravery! Photo: LA Animal Save Instagram

Pre-order Voices for Animal Liberation on Amazonfrom her publisher, Skyhorse Publishing, or Barnes and Noble.

We can’t wait to read this book in March! Pre-order your copy today! Photo: Skyhorse Publishing


Watch Joaquin’s acceptance speech below!


#JaneUnChainedLIVE as Joker Movie star Joaquin Phoenix wins Best Actor at the Golden Globes 2020 and immediately thanks the Hollywood Foreign Press for “recognizing and acknowledging the link between animal agriculture and climate change” and making the night plant-based! That’s right. The night’s menu was vegan! Way to go! Thanks to Simone Reyes for grabbing and turning around this footage so fast. Could this be the tipping point?
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