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Lunch is Better With Vegan Activist Beauties!

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Lunch is Better With Vegan Activist Beauties!

Janet decided to become a warrior for the animals because she loves them so much!

Lunch is always better with model and activist beauties Janet Martinez and Robin Takizawa! Our guests on today’s LunchBreakLIVE, keep busy with attending vigils for animals, marches for animals’ freedom, and modeling for various cool swag vegan companies, including Vegan Club. Janet is also the Los Angeles Field Organizer for The Humane League. Join us at the scrumptious Ocado Restaurant, Beer & Wine Garden in Sherman Oaks, CA for plant-based jackfruit and bean nachos plus crispy buffalo-style cauliflower bites!

This is what vegan looks like! Wowza!
These lovely compassionate ladies are inviting all of you to get out there and do some activism! Janet explains that her job with The Humane League is cultivating activists and keeping them coming to events. Recently, she was a part of a campaign by The Humane League to ask Del Taco to improve the treatment of the chickens they use in their food items. Robin adds the importance to educate ourselves in order to effectively do outreach. She encourages us to look into the statistics and use those when doing outreach in order to strengthen our points. These ladies are not just all good looks, they are strong vegan animal rights activists. They invite us all to get out there and get active! Use the links below to be an awesome vegan activist too! Visit Ocado Restaurant, Beer & Wine Garden the next time you’re in the Sherman Oaks area!
Cauliflower bites beat chicken wings any day!
Pass the nachos, please! This cashew queso looks out-of-this world good!
Paige hops in to complete this lovely vegan lady trio!


Del Taco is invited on to respond at any time.

Support vegan businesses and buy cool vegan activist clothing from Vegan Power Co.!

Stop by Ocado for delicious vegan food and refreshments!

Check out Ocado Restaurant’s delicious sustainable plant-based American fusion! 

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Photos courtesy of Paige Parsons Roache, Janet Martinez and Robin Takizawa!

These ladies are using their brains and beauty to help save the animals and the planet!



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