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Plant-Based Eating Never Tasted So Good!

Plant-Based Eating Never Tasted So Good!

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Vegan BLT?  Actually it’s a vegan BLA.  What’s that?  Find out on this episode of #LunchBreakLIVE from Avo Cafe in Santa Monica, CA.  There is a huge cast of vegan characters in this show.  First, we have the vegan husband and wife duo and Avo Cafe owners, Mark and Sher Kopman, and our plant-based guest taste tester, known as the Superfood Goddess, Stephanie Bosco.  Stephanie has appeared on #LunchBreakLIVE before making an amazing vegan scramble.  It is a great episode so be sure to check it out.  And then, of course, there is the Founder of JaneUnChained News Network, Jane Velez-Mitchell!



Stephanie ordered the Svelt Caesar Salad with a scoop of mock tuna, made from young jackfruit.  Jackfruit is a fruit native to India and Southeast Asian countries.  You can get young, or unripe, jackfruit that’s used in more savory dishes, or you can get ripe jackfruit that has a sweeter taste and a stickier texture.  Check out this previous #LunchBreakLIVE where jackfruit was used to make a Non-Chick’n Salad.  Jane ordered the BLA (bacon, lettuce, and avocado) with tempeh bacon, lettuce, avocado, and two types of sauces!  One spicy of course!  They also ordered two amazing smoothies.  The banana date smoothie and the green dragon smoothie.  Oh my!   Plant-based eating never tasted so good.


vegan eating plant-based diet plant-based eating lunchbreaklive healthy eating
The BLA sandwich from Avo Cafe.


Caesar Salad Mock Tuna Vegan Eating
The Caesar Salad and the BLA sandwich from Avo Cafe.


vegan caesar salad plant-based eating vegan food lunchbreaklive
The Svelt Caesar Salad with mock tuna from Avo Cafe.


avo cafe owners vegan restaurant avo cafe plant-based eating
Mark and Sher Kopman, owners of Avo Cafe.


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superfoodgoddess avo cafe plant-based eating
The SuperFoodGoddess, Jane Velez-Mitchell, and Sher Kopman posing for a quick photo.


If you live in Los Angeles or find yourself visiting, I highly recommend you visit Avo Cafe for a plant-based food experience you are sure to remember.  This is a great casual vegan restaurant choice in Los Angeles.  Perfect for those days you just want an easy food experience with a nice atmosphere and delicious plant-based choices.  The Avo Cafe has a huge beautiful outdoor seating area so it is perfect for the Southern CA weather.  The founders, Sher and Mark Kopman are plant-based enthusiasts who always strive to create nutritionally balanced meals, without compromising ingredients or taste.  Avo Cafe promises to deliver healthy AND tasty vegan food choices.  Their mission is to make healthy living more accessible.  Choosing a healthier diet has many big health benefits and should also be a rewarding experience where you enjoy every bite.  This is why Avo Cafe strives to offer a wide range of delicious wholesome selections and comfort food options.  They are committed to only using unprocessed and organic ingredients.  These are healthy vegan meals that are sure to also satisfy your desire for a tasty culinary experience.

Be sure to stop by and visit Avo Cafe…and come hungry!  You can find them at:

306 Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica, California 90405


avo cafe vegan restaurant lunchbreaklive
Avo Cafe in Santa Monica, CA.
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