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Who is The Vegan Superwoman Behind Lady Freethinker?

Who is The Vegan Superwoman Behind Lady Freethinker?

The mystery of the superwoman behind so many successful Lady Freethinker animal rights campaigns is revealed today on VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network as Nina Jackel exposes a cruel coffee: Kopi Luwak, aka Civet Coffee! Like so much luxury cruelty, this coffee is a status symbol, very expensive! You won’t believe what they do to innocent, cat-like civets to get these beans. Can you say …eat $#%!? Yes, this “coffee” is made from the poop of confined and isolated little animals. How do we stop this? 

Lady Freethinker is not just one person Nina explains, it’s a team! Nina and her Lady Freethinker team find any injustices towards animals and they go into action with online campaigns to bring these issues right to the eyes of the public. The goal is to encourage legislators and companies to take action for the better treatment of animals! Lady Freethinker started from Nina’s blog and now it is a full-fledged nonprofit that is spreading change worldwide! Nina explains that they also collaborate with other nonprofits to help them in their endeavors too. What an amazing organization that really understands that we need to work together to make this change happen worldwide!
Join Lady Freethinker and see how you can help end the cruel practice of using these cats for poop coffee!
Lady Freethinker has set its sights on cruel coffee, Civet Coffee to be exact. Luxury just got all kinds of weird with rich people paying to drink coffee made from poop! Yea we’ll take a hard pass on this coffee. But what’s makes the use of these animals even worse is they have captured wild Civet cats by trapping them and now they keep them on display as a spectacle for the people who drink their poo. These cats are also nocturnal and solitary and these companies have them on display during the day grouped together in cages. This leads to even more suffering and anxiety for these creatures. Lady Freethinker aims to end this horrible abuse by gaining awareness through their online campaigns and petitions. We’re sure with Nina and her team on the job Civet Coffee’s time is up! Join this superwoman for the animals and her team by visiting their website! Thank you Lady Freethinker for all you do!
Nina is photographed getting some puppy love from dogs they rescued from the Korean meat trade, Zoey and Zora
Get your tickets for the Lady Freethinker NBA game!
Civet coffee companies and any other companies mentioned are welcome to respond at any time.
Nina takes a photo with one of our heroes Dr. Jane Goodall! Wow!
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  • ‘Lady Freethinker doesn’t say “what you can do” to stop the torture of civet cats, or what she actually does other than offer a petition to sign & solicit a donation for herself for signing her petition, all in the same breath.
    There are no hands on civet rescues, no live demonstrations, no negotiations w/ the coffee companies, no nothing but a petition to sign & give money to Lady Freethinker. For what? For signing her petition?

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