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Easy Vegan Recipes By a Dynamite Duo!

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Easy Vegan Recipes By a Dynamite Duo!

Easy Vegan Recipes by Cehn and Okamoto

Friendly Vegans Crafting Easy Vegan Eats!

Easy Vegan Recipes by dynamtie duo
The two discuss how the experience of sharing food with loved ones formed the basis of the book

Easy vegan recipes: exactly what our world needs right now!  Food that’s delicious, easy to make, packed with nutrients, beautiful to behold, good for us and for our planet! Michelle Cehn and Toni Okamoto serve it up on a silver platter. The Friendly Vegan Cookbook features 100 plant-based recipes alongside beautiful images that will melt even the most militant animal eater’s heart. The authors met at a farm sanctuary (how cute!) and have revolutionized the vegan market. Michelle Cehn is the founder of  World of Vegan, while Toni Okamoto’s Plant Based on a Budget makes it  easy to live a vegan lifestyle without breaking your budget.

“We’ve been sort of on a mission to make going vegan easier for people, more accessible, more fun, joyful. Because it absolutely can be with the right mindset and the right support.” -Michelle Cehn

The two discussed their years-long process to make sure the recipes are as easy and delicious as possible. The recipes feature ingredients easily found in the pantry already. Part of their process also included nearly 100 recipe testers testing the recipes themselves to provide feedback! The stunning images throughout the book will leave your mouth watering and have you eager to test the recipes in your own kitchen.

Check out Jane Velez-Mitchell’s interview of this dynamic duo on Voice America Radio here! 

Appealing to the Whole Family

Toni and Michelle recognize the power of food to inspire change.

Toni, who grew up steeped in Mexican-American culture, says her parents were initially the biggest skeptics of veganism. But, now, they love cooking with Soyrizo, a vegan twist on the classical Mexican chorizo. So, instead of eating processed pork (a pig) packed with cholesterol and on the World Health Organization’s list of cancer-causing foods, you have a delicious dish packed with healthful proteins.

“We wanted to make sure that the experience of sharing food for birthdays, and holidays–and every other night you share dinner with your mixed table–that everyone is going to be enjoying their food,” says Toni Okamoto.

Easy Vegan Recipes of The Friendly Vegan Cookbook
“We turned our decadent recipes into nutrient-rich recipes.” -Toni Okamoto

Michelle, a new mother, sees the power of veganism to raise the next generation as ethically and healthfully as they can be.

Together, the duo made sure to craft a book that will appeal to all sorts of lifestyles.

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“Everyone needs to eat. Whether you’re a mom or a working person, if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands–that was something we wanted to make sure we included in our book. Ways that you can whip things together really quickly and still have family meals, nourishing meals, things that are ready and waiting for you in the fridge like overnight oats or chia pudding. So that’s been really fun to try and incorporate that in.” Michelle Cehn


The Future For Easy Vegan Cooking

“I believe that it’s not a trend, it’s a shift.” Okamoto says in regards to the growing demand for vegan food. “I believe that with documentaries like [Countdown to Year Zero] available and easily accessible, people are learning information they had no idea about. They’re learning about how to reclaim their health, how to save the planet, how to take care of animals. People are embracing plant-based living.”

More and more people are waking up to the ethical, environmental, and health-based implications of eating animals. They’re lucky to live in a world where chefs like these make it easier than ever to eat with compassion. And love every bite!

Cehn and Okamoto's easy vegan eats
These two have been vegan for 13 years!
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