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Vegan Mushroom Jerky Burger, Oh My!

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Vegan Mushroom Jerky Burger, Oh My!


The secret to making astounding vegan mushroom jerky burgers revealed in this episode of #LunchBreakLIVE! Guest chef Sorsha Morava, will show us how to make these decadent delights.  The recipe is simple and the flavor is off the charts.  Let’s see how it is done.




Sorsha Morava is both a human and animal activist, voice actor, health nerd, fitness enthusiast, and a vegan of 10 years for the animals. She’s passionate about using her voice to bring characters to life in voice-over work in both animation and commercial as well as use her voice to be an activist for humans and animals. She’s found a creative outlet on TikTok creating fun videos by finding the humor in veganism, relationships, and that gym life. Along with empowering women and men as well as educating people on the importance of veganism. Her Instagram stories are filled with vegan food, minimal waste tips and tricks, vegan activism, trips to the grocery store, her adorable dogs, and bringing awareness to human rights. Sorsha loves learning and being a better version of herself so that she can help and serve others. Keep up with her on InstagramTikTokYouTube, and Facebook for more!


Sorsha Morava
Sorsha Morava



Putting mushroom jerky on a burger is super creative and I imagine would taste incredible.  The burger is layered with cheese, lettuce, grilled onions, mayo, BBQ sauce, and of course, mushroom jerky!  There is so much yum to be had in every bite!  Making this burger is so dang easy, pretty much anyone can do it.  It’s all about building the burger with all sorts of flavor via toppings and dressings, and the mushroom jerky adds some extra flair to every bite.  Give it a try.


mushroom jerky burger ingredients
The mushroom jerky burger ingredients.


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vegan mushroom jerky burger
The finished vegan mushroom jerky burger.


Sorsha and her vegan burgers
Sorsha showing off her vegan burgers.


Mushroom Jerky BBQ Burger

Looking for a quick, flavorful vegan burger to throw together? This mushroom jerky BBQ burger is the bomb and will satisfy you with every messy bite!
Course Dinner, Lunch
Cuisine American
Servings 1 burger


  • Vegan Burger Patty of your choice
  • Buns make sure they’re vegan, I went with gluten-free oat bagels
  • Vegan Cheese of your choice
  • Eat The Change Mushroom Jerky Habanero BBQ as much as your heart desires
  • 1/4 Onion sliced thinly in rounds
  • Butter Lettuce 4 leaves
  • 3-4 TBSP Barbecue Sauce (make sure it doesn’t have honey)
  • 3-4 TBSP Vegan Mayonnaise


  • On low heat, add sliced onion rounds and cook on each side for 7 minutes (no oil needed)
  • Set onions aside .
  • In the same pan, place your burger patty in there on medium-low heat with the lid on the pan to help cook the burger evenly.
  • While the burger is cooking, place two pieces of lettuce on each bun.
  • On top of the lettuce add your vegan mayonnaise and bbq sauce (tip: if you’re using bagels, it helps to put the mayonnaise and bbq sauce on the lettuce rather than the bagel to keep the burger less messy to eat).
  • By now the burger should be ready to flip.
  • Once you flip the burger, add vegan cheese and put the lid of the pan to help circulate the heat which will help melt the cheese.
  • After about 5 minutes, or however long it takes to nicely cook your vegan burger, add the patty to one of the buns
  • Layer on your lightly grilled onion rounds and lots of mushroom jerky.
  • Put everything together and enjoy!
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Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!



There is nothing like a good vegan burger to fill your belly!  This one is awesome with its unique twist, adding mushroom jerky in the mix.  I can imagine the flavor is incredible, dripping in BBQ sauce, vegan mayo, and all the fixin’s.  Give it a try and let us know how you liked it.  If you are looking for other plant-based meal ideas, be sure to stop by the #LunchBreakLIVE page where we have a ton of recipes to sift through and try.  Until next time, keep cookin’!

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