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Three New Vegan Cookbooks to Give This Holiday Season

Three New Vegan Cookbooks to Give This Holiday Season

Best of Vegan Cookbook

Indianapolis, Indiana December 23rd 8pm – There is nothing better than flipping through a stack of brand new vegan cookbooks.  There are lots of big, beautiful, glossy, colorful, food photos, tons of flavor possibilities, and the fantasy that I will finally achieve restaurant quality and prove to my friends that I am not a terrible cook.  Vegan cookbooks also make perfect holiday gifts, and UnchainedTV has the inside scoop on 2022’s best.


Best of Vegan Cookbook cover
Photo courtesy of Harper Collins.

Best of Vegan: 100 Recipes That Celebrate Comfort, Culture, and Community

Kim-Julie Hansen specializes in vegan food that feels like home.  She is the founder of the insanely popular @bestofvegan Instagram account, and her new Best of Vegan cookbook features recipes blessed by her community of over 2 million followers. Hansen tackles the challenge of incorporating veganism into recipes that hold significant cultural meaning for people all over the world.  From a crispy fried tofu sandwich to homemade Japanese tofu, Best of Vegan builds a bridge to a future in which we can continue to use food to comfort ourselves and to feel close to our families and heritage while letting go of the animal suffering those recipes used to include.

Eat Plants, B*tch Vegan Cookbook
Photo from Slutty Vegan’s Instagram account.

Eat Plants, B*tch: 91 Vegan Recipes That Will Blow Your Meat-Loving Mind

Pinky Cole is a force to be reckoned with.  She has mastered the art of catching the attention of the public with her entertaining and provocative Slutty Vegan brand, which started as a food truck, expanded into numerous restaurants and is now a cultural phenomenon.  Her new vegan cookbook, Eat Plants, B*tch should be on everyone’s holiday wish list.  UnchainedTV covered her recent book tour which was such a hit, there were lines of people around the block!  Eat Plants, B*tch includes vegan comfort food based on the fare she was serving from her food truck where it all began, including Backyard Quesadillas and Watermelon Creamsicles.


Photo from Gabrielle Reyes’ website.

One Great Vegan’s Colorful Home Cooking Musical Cookbook

Gabrielle Reyes is definitely one great vegan, and one multi-talented woman.  Known as the “singing vegan chef,” Reyes brings music, warmth, and delicious food to the world through her in-person and online Colorful Cooking Classes.  She even has her own cooking channel on UnchainedTV!

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Reyes doesn’t just cook delicious, healthy, vegan food, she also has an award-winning voice and breaks into song as she adds ingredients.  I’ve never heard the phrase “soy-free vegenaise” sung so beautifully … or sung at all!  Her newest digital cookbook, One Great Vegan’s Colorful Home Cooking, exudes her fun personality and includes categories like “Acapella Appetizers” and “Melodic Meals.” But, what makes this vegan cookbook so special is that it includes songs too!  It’s also the perfect last-minute holiday gift available for instant digital access.


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