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Hilarious Vegan Comedy Just Debuted and it is Everything!

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Hilarious Vegan Comedy Just Debuted and it is Everything!

Vegan comedy, Coffee Wars

Comedy, animal welfare, and vegan coffee?  What do you do when a movie pretty much encapsulates everything you love?

Coffee Wars, a brand-new, vegan, comedic, feature film starring Kate Nash of GLOW fame –who has been vegan since 2017— has been released today on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play.  This is super exciting on its own, but there’s more.  The movie is 100% vegan all the way down to wardrobe, makeup, and the food and beverages served on set, and all proceeds from the film will go to environmental and animal welfare charities.  And, it’s about coffee.  Vegan coffee.

New Comedy Makes Vegan Coffee a Hot Topic

Coffee Wars tells the story of Jo, an independent vegan coffee shop owner, who sets out to prove to the world that plant-based, dairy-free, coffee drinks can compete with the big boys.  In a last-ditch attempt to save her business, Jo and her group of quirky employees enter the World Barista Championship as major underdogs and hilarity ensues.  Watch the official trailer here!

VegGood Films has created an exciting new model for moving veganism into mainstream culture.

What VegGood Films –the production company behind Coffee Wars– has done here is really special for several reasons.  First, they’re addressing the need for more representation of vegan characters and vegan topics in film.  Not only is the main character in Coffee Wars vegan, she’s facing real-world vegan issues.  And, it’s refreshing to see a story about these issues made as a vegan comedy since humor has such power to create social change.

Still from Vegan comedy Coffee Wars
Still from Coffee Wars, from their Facebook page.

VegGood goes even further by making sure that every aspect of the film, from hair products used on actors to representations of dairy milk in the movie, respects the vegan lifestyle.  This is in stark contrast to most big-budget feature films. In fact, according to a recent study by the EPA, the average major motion picture has a carbon footprint of more than 3,000 metric tons.  That’s the equivalent of driving a car over seven million miles!

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Instead of exploiting animals when making their film, VegGood rescued them.

The film and TV industry has had a difficult history with animal abuse.  Measures have been put in place, but the situation is still far from ideal.  This is where VegGood once again provides an example of a new, better approach to filmmaking.  Not only did they cause no harm to animals during their production, they used the film as an opportunity to help them.  VegGood states, “All animals featured in the film were rescued by the production team and are living happy lives at animal sanctuaries.”

So grab some vegan popcorn and watch Coffee Wars now streaming on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play!

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