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Why Elephant Rescue is Featured in 4 New Films Streaming on UnchainedTV

Why Elephant Rescue is Featured in 4 New Films Streaming on UnchainedTV

Here is a baby elephant with mom in the wild, where they belong. Courtesy Voice for Asian Elephants Society.

Is elephant rescue the key to preserving this iconic species from extinction as natural habitats are increasingly destroyed to make room for animal agriculture and industrialization?

Hollywood, California, August 4th, 2023 – UnchainedTV is thrilled to present four inspiring, new, short films on elephant rescue, brought to us by the Voice for Asian Elephants Society, whose crusade to save elephants was recently heralded at NASDAQ. There, the organization’s founder rang the closing bell to wake up the world to the wildlife extinction crisis, which is impacting elephants and threatens humanity as well.

Watch The Ark and Take Action!

The short film, viewable by clicking above, introduces us to two African beauties, Thika and Toka, retired from the Toronto Zoo in 2013, and two Asian elephants, Nicholas and Gypsy, rescued from an American circus. They are thriving on a 125-acre plot of land.  Meanwhile, Prince, an Asian elephant, who was rescued from a zoo, still exhibits post-traumatic stress disorder, manifesting in stereotypic behaviors. The sanctuary’s co-founder, Ed Stewart, shares their extraordinary stories of recovery.

Why the Number of Wild Animals on Planet Earth is Plunging!

Right now, wild mammals make up only 4% of the world’s mammal biomass. Humans make up 34% and livestock (cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, goats, lambs) make up 62% of the world’s mammal biomass. These figures show how we are literally destroying the planet’s wildlife habitat, and thereby driving wildlife into extinction, all so we can produce billions of farmed animals to eat. Among the species in the crosshairs of human rapaciousness…. elephants.

Along with Habitat Destruction…Other Exploitation

Along with habitat destruction, elephants are also being exploited, abused and killed for entertainment, tourism and religion. Experts plead! Don’t ever ride an elephant…. not ever! They – and their families- have been tortured to get them to that tourist trap. Ditto for the use of elephants in religious ceremonies. The evidence is now overwhelming that the (always) brutal training/breaking of these elephants causes severe behavioral disorders. Ongoing awareness is inspiring some temples to replace real elephants with robotic ones. Click here to learn more and get involved in elephant rescue.

Zoos Are Not the Solution. Sanctuaries Are.

Experts point out that elephants travel vast distances in the wild and note that zoo enclosures cannot compete with wild spaces. Also, zoos put animals on display so they can be viewed by the general public. This inherently results in space being limited for the elephants, otherwise the animals would often choose to remain out of sight. Who wants to live out their life as a display object? Sanctuaries, on the other hand, are designed to give elephants as much space as possible, even if that means visitors are not guaranteed a glimpse. 

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Click Here to Find Out How Voice for Asian Elephants Society is Saving Elephants in the Wild

Elephants travel vast distances in the wild. Critics say zoo enclosures cannot compete with wild spaces. Courtesy Voice for Asian Elephants Society.
Elephants travel vast distances in the wild.  Courtesy Voice for Asian Elephants Society.

Sangita Iyer is the Founding Executive Director of Voice for Asian Elephants Society. She is a National Geographic Explorer and the Director/Producer of Gods in Shackles, a heralded film that lays out exactly how horrific humanity’s treatment of elephants has been and how it must change… now. Iyer, through her organization, has given UnchainedTV about a dozen films she has produced to stream for free, for the sole purpose of waking up the world to this crisis.  Please check them out here.

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