Animal Rescue

bear boy advocate
BEAR BOY: The True Story of A Boy Who Saved 2 Bears!

A Kind Boy, Two Forlorn Bears: Three Lives Changed! When Justin Barker was a boy, he read a book that would lead him to save the lives of two captive bears, and dedicate his life to advocating for animals.

Mandy with her animal friends at Black Sheep Retreat & Sanctuary near Cancun, Mexico.

By JaneUnChained Contributor Lindsey Baker, host of The Action Hour Mexico’s Black Sheep Sanctuary Retreat: Born in a Moment of Compassion for an Animal! I remember the first time I spoke to Mandy Vara, founder of Black Sheep Sanctuary Retreat, near Cancun, Mexico.  It was 10 minutes before going #Live on my show the Action Hour on JaneUnChained News Network .


IF YOU REALLY LOVE ANIMALS… TAKE THIS EASY ACTION RIGHT NOW! This is an urgent call for ALL animal lovers to take 5 minutes to send an automatic support letter that will help the chances of a handful of crucial pro-animal proposed laws going up before committees of the California Legislature this coming week!

elephant eyes
4 Days to Save 38 Tourist Elephants from Horror!

You Can Save 38 Tourist Elephants from Horror! COVID-19 brought tourism to a halt in Thailand and put tourist elephants in danger of a fate worse than death!  Many elephants and their handlers (mahouts) were forced to walk back to their villages.

These bonded chimps hope to stay together as they are moved to their new homes.
32 Chimps Need Your Help!

Chimps Need Your Help! Chimps need your help right now. 32 of them need to find new homes… ASAP! After having sacrificed so much for humans, having been used in research, they were retired to California’s famed Wildlife Waystation, which rescued and rehabilitated more than 70 thousand of animals over the forty years it was in operation.  But, change is inevitable.

Famed Lawyer Laurence Tribe Fights for Elephant Rights

Famed Harvard constitutional law professor Laurence Tribe was on MSNBC this past week expressing outrage over the deployment of federal agents who’ve been running rampant in Portland, without identification on their militarized uniforms or the constitution on their side. Laurence Tribe is passionate about justice and the law.

Carissa Kranz Legal Expert
Vegan Lawyer Launches Show!

National TV legal personality, Super Lawyer, Founder and CEO of the BeVeg vegan certified symbol, and vegan from birth, Carissa Kranz, officially launches a new digital media show on JaneUnchained News Network: LAWS THAT MATTER: VEGANISM & LAW! Besides anchoring on JaneUnchained News Network as the resident legal analyst, you may have seen Carissa commenting as the legal expert for major media networks like Fox, CNN/HLN, NBC, CBS, and shows like Nancy Grace and Dr.

Joaquin Phoenix saves animals
Joaquin Phoenix Rescues Mom & Calf After His Oscar Speech!

Joaquin Phoenix rescues mama and baby calf the day after his revolutionary Oscar speech! Jane UnChained LIVETALK with Earthlings Producer/Director, Shaun Monson and Los Angeles Animal Save Organizer, Amy Jean Davis. Hear the inside story of this very special mother/baby rescue!

Aerial Cinematographer Rescues Animals From Climate Change Disasters!

Professional aerial cinematographer and vegan, Douglas Thron, exposing the truth about climate change, just returned from helping with multiple animal rescues in the Bahamas using his infrared drone technology. Doug’s work is widely used for National Geographic, The Discovery Channel, CNN, TIME, Good Morning America, and more!

Animals Living The Good Life!

These residents call Wildwood home. Many rescued from abuse, neglect, or abandonment. One thing they all have in common now: they are all living the good life. Meet these beautiful male cows rescued from the dairy industry. They all would have been killed if not for Wildwood Farm Sanctuary.