Vegan Chefs

What do you eat, grass? The irritating questions vegans still get can best be defused by offering the skeptic a tasty plant-based dish. Vegan chefs are heroes because every dish they whip up is a delicious ultimatum, challenging the carnist majority to rethink false assumptions about food. Where do you get your protein? That tired parry can be flicked away with a mouthwatering vegan bourguignon in which tofu or mushrooms take the place of a dead cow. You get the idea. So, who are the vegan chefs on the front lines, the ones who get people to ask: really, this amazing dish has no meat, dairy, or eggs? There are hundreds of thousands of them. Let’s get to know some.


Sophie Uliano, Bestselling Author of Gorgeously Green, Invites You to a Life Changing LA Retreat!

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Sweet: Vegan Desserts by Yvonne's Kitchen!

#LunchBreakLIVE hits Yvonne’s Vegan Kitchen in Pasadena, California where Yvonne R. Ardestani, chef extraordinaire, makes luscious, plant-based desserts & vegan cashew cheeses, all also gluten-free! Yvonne will have a booth at Vegan Street Fair in North Hollywood, California this Sunday, March 25!

Vegan Chef Reacts to Seeing Pigs Headed to their Deaths!

#JaneUnChained LIVE at a slaughterhouse in Los Angeles, California to give water and comfort to young pigs arriving on trucks to be killed and turned into slices of ham and bacon! The amazing vegan Chef Babette of Stuff I Eat – Vegan Cuisine in Inglewood plus CatFitness & plant-based bodybuilder Vegan Monk are here bearing witness for the first time!! Hear what they have to say about this bloodshed. Los Angeles Animal Save organizes the vigil as part of The Save Movement! Gwenna Hunteris a contributor for #JaneUnChained

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#JaneUnChained LIVE at the amazing, plant-based gourmet restaurant Au Lac DTLA. In this salon, Tennessee Titans football star Derrick Morgan explains how he’s gone vegan with his astounding wife Chef Charity Morgan, who is Cordon Bleu trained! Hear their amazing story! For More:

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