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Are You Ready to Get Superfood Schooled?

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Are You Ready to Get Superfood Schooled?

The plant-based possibilities are endless with this spice kit!


Plant-based in a box? Check out this one-stop vegan superfood and spice cooking kit! Did someone say SUPERFOODS?! Let’s learn how to incorporate more superfoods into our lives with expert plant-based Chef Lynnette Astaire, Founder and CEO of Superfood School, the incredible space for all your plant-based education and needs. Chef Lynnette is mixing up some tasty Spicy Peanut Sauce! Order now at superfoodschool.com
“No excuses!” Lynette has your solution to easy delicious plant-based cooking at home!


Lynnette can help you get Superfood Schooled today! You can join her school online and have access to her special spice mixes, meal plans, recipes, videos, a supportive plant-based community and more! Lynnette’s Superfood School is geared to make eating plant-based enjoyable while adhering to whole foods without refined sugars or oils. Log on to her website today to take your plant-based diet from edible to incredible! 
Lynnette’s Superfood and Spice Cooking Kit is Jane Velez-Mitchell-approved! Photo by Paige Parsons Roache
Lynnette is a plant-based chef who started her first food business at age 11 after becoming fed-up with the school lunch. After earning a BA at School of Visual Arts in NYC,  she launched her professional career in NYC and helped to build one of Oaxaca, Mexico’s most popular beach properties as partner and head chef. Unlike most restaurant chefs whom rely on the secrecy of their recipes, Lynnette shares openly her plant-based lifestyle and empowers people of all diets to get more plants on their plates. Now, back to the show: Make this delicious condiment right out of your pantry in a flash! Lynnette starts off by putting some creamy peanut butter in the mixing bowl. She adds rice vinegar and coconut aminos next. Then she adds the key ingredient, which is her UMAMI  flavor blend made from mushrooms. You can find this blend in her Superfood and Spice Cooking Kit. Paige Parsons Roache shares that the kit comes with a bunch of gorgeous recipes to use with each spice blend! Once it’s all done, you have a sauce that’s sure to make any dish you pair it with pop! Try making it at home with Lynnette’s recipe below!
Lynnette’s spicy peanut sauce takes the flavors in this bowl to new levels!
Chef Lynnette is changing lives with her culinary skills and nutritional knowledge!


You can eat food like this every day with Chef Lynnette’s Superfood School recipes and programs!


You can learn how to make a taco fiesta full of flavor too!
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