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Vegan Eggs and Ham That Are Unbelievably Good!

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Vegan Eggs and Ham That Are Unbelievably Good!

Wow! This vegan ham looks so good and no pigs were hurt to make it!

Vegan Ham and Eggs with Cheese, 100% plant-based? LunchBreakLIVE with the amazing Dave Asher representing Supreme Master Television and Ecovegan, which is the company that imports and distributes products made by Loving Hut in Taiwan! Today Dave shows you how to make a vegan egg, plant-based cheese, and vegan ham… all on a bagel. All these products are sold by Ecovegan in Northern and Southern California! These products supply more than 200 Loving Hut restaurants around the world as well as other vegan and vegetarian restaurants. Our gratitude to Supreme Master Ching Hai, the inspiration behind SMTV and the Loving Hut restaurants worldwide!

Now everyone can skip stealing chicken’s eggs and get all of the flavors of breakfast with these vegan eggs!

Are our eyes deceiving us? No way this is all vegan… Oh, you bet it is! You can now have ham and eggs that look just like the animal products you’re familiar with, yet without the cruelty! Dave fries up the vegan ham literally in one minute! Next, he cooks up the most realistic looking fried egg we’ve ever seen! The egg white is made of soy and the middle is made of mung bean and vegan cheese. Dave explains that there is no garlic or onion used in the products from Loving Hut. He also uses Violife feta cheese, Daiya sliced provolone, fresh avocado, Earth Balance soy-free buttery plant-based spread, Vegenaise, and assorted bagels. Once all the layers are piled on top of the bagel, Jane tries it and says it’s a taste sensation! She’s literally clapping it’s so good! Try these products today at the nearest Loving Hut location around the world or order them through Ecovegan for delivery soon!

One word… Yum!

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Jane Velez-Mitchell reporting for Jane Unchained News Network.

Dave Asher is your ultimate vegan food supply guy!
Violife feta makes the flavor pop!
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